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B Chic University exists to help young professionals looking to level up their skills. I know you want more from life than a degree backed by debt and to work a job for the next 50 years. Jobs do too! They want your passion, social awareness, and skillful work ethic and leadership. You turn to Google…search college advice, work advice, career planning…sub-par results appear. And it’s hard to find an authentic blog these days dedicated to this! It’s even harder to find a good one at that. So what can a millennial do?

What is B Chic University?

Brittani Alston is the author of B Chic University, a past university student leader, and personal organization enthusiast. This blog is an on-going resource, but a way for young professionals to connect and build their network. In addition to providing career and life advice, this blog is a learning hub for all things young adulthood. You will not have to look anywhere else for this great advice!

B Chic University bannerWho is B Chic University? About Brittani, the author

Brittani has a passion for promoting leadership development and professional organization/productivity. Early on in college, she realized that going to class and doing homework was not enough. She participated in Gospel Choir, Student Government, Campus Ministry, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. to supplement her academic journey. Not only was she super involved in extracurricular activities, but also looked for ways to be more productive and organized in school by creating her own planners.

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