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7 Tips to Survive Work Travel

I went on my “first” full-time work trip a few months ago, and let me tell you, I was feeling fresh! It was so cool to have my own company card, be staying at a cool hotel, and doing work that I love. Although I am in a primarily marketing role, I do quite a bit of event planning as well. Which is great, because I’m pretty good at it (if I must say so myself). So, I’ve attended workshops, conferences, conventions and the like. Traveling for business is a slightly different beast. From what I gained on this trip, and past experiences, here’s my checklist on how to do it right!

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New Year’s Resolutions: Career Goals Edition

Setting career goals are all nice and dandy, but once you get the perfect job, the hard work ends. So wrong! You still have to put in the extra effort to build your skills, refine your skills, level up in the company, and develop a long-term plan. Since it’s still January, we have the “New Years, New You” vibes. Let’s outline some career goals for that raise, promotion, or free training!

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Leaving A Legacy: Successful Leadership Transition

Leaving a Legacy: Successful Leadership Tranisiton

I graduated this weekend with my Masters in Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago. I’m still letting that sink in. What an exciting time to be at a crossroads, going from full-time student to full-time employee. Not everything went as planned, but plans unfold the way they do for a reason and in its own season. One thing I did have control over though, was my legacy. Before leaving Columbia, I saw the need for my contirbutions and impact to continue past my graduation. How does one do that? How can you make this work for your own legacy, at school or on the job?

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5 Smart Ways to Spend (Save) Your Tax Refund

tax refund planning

Congratulations! You’ve finished your tax return and you’re now patiently waiting for the tax refund to hit your bank account or mailbox. What are you going to do with that money? Do you already have plans on impulse spending most of it? If so, please stop. Like, really. Read this post and consider a few more responsible options. I want to help you make the best decision for your long-term financial health.

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Checklist, You Saved My Sanity

March 14, 2017, I had a mental breakdown. I was slouched over in the office of my professor stressing out about an upcoming large-scale event on campus. I’m usually calm and collected, the one organized person during the craziest time of the semester. However, this time, I was hours away from jetting off to SXSW from Chicago and nowhere near prepared to leave all of my responsibilities behind. This was the result of very poor planning. So how did I overcome it? It was very simple and I have to share it with you! This will help you get your life together…for real this time!

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