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How I Changed My Money Rules: Making A Budget That Works For Me

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October 2017, I struggled to stick to my budget and that’s coming from a hyper-budgeter. I kept going over my spending budget and having to adjust the next paycheck to accommodate. This was a vicious cycle that I knew I had to break. And after months of tweaking my plan, I had to change my money rules and change my mindset! There are so many rules, theories, and practices with money! Which one is right? Sometimes it is easy to fall into one of those routines without questioning if it works for you! I made the decision to make my money work for me. Here are the steps I took and resources I used to get back on track. Can you relate?

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5 Money Habits To Avoid In College

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There are so many stories about what people did right and wrong financially while in college. Rightfully so, this is a crucial time because you have a little more freedom from your parents. There are also more opportunities to spend frivolously and little accountability. People are always telling you what to do, and that can get annoying…real fast. So, let’s try this. Here are a few things not to do with your money while in school, and right out of school!

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Budget 101: The Golden Rules

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Happy payday (someone’s getting paid today)! Whether you’re paid bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. there is a routine that you should adopt in order to keep your finances organized. Each week of payday, I follow a routine that keeps me up to date with my bills and on track with my budget. Hopefully, my routine will motivate you to make some adjustments to your financial routine for the better.

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5 Smart Ways to Spend (Save) Your Tax Refund

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Congratulations! You’ve finished your tax return and you’re now patiently waiting for the tax refund to hit your bank account or mailbox. What are you going to do with that money? Do you already have plans on impulse spending most of it? If so, please stop. Like, really. Read this post and consider a few more responsible options. I want to help you make the best decision for your long-term financial health.

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