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College Class Registration: The Semi-Annual Draft

In the spirit of college classes registration, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on registering for the next semester. Each semester there is the onset of anxiety to get into the college classes we desire. The fear is very much so justified. Classes fill up fast, certain people have priority access and darn those required classes!

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We know that college classes are crucial to getting into, especially major courses and popular ones. After a while, it can feel like you have the worst draw in the NFL draft. However, there are many things you can do in advance to better your chances of having the perfect schedule.

Talk With College Class Professors

Faculty will set aside time to talk with potential students. They give a perspective of the scope of the class and what you can learn from it. Also, if you have any questions, you can ask them before talking with past students of the course.

Talk With Students Too About College Classes

Students who have been in the course in the past have a valuable perspective on what it is like. Additionally, students with a similar major can give great advice on helpful classes. Also, if the workload is a point of concern, a student can give you a better snapshot of what the class is like than the teacher.

Identify Transferrable Skills

In my graduate program, it is widely acceptable to try new classes that are unrelated to your background in order to expand your knowledge and skill set. Look for classes that leverage strengths you already possess. If you notice that a few of your skills are transferable, it could be a great opportunity to put them to use!

Not all college classes are made equal. However, not all majors are either. Research and outline multiple options for college classes you are interested in. Taking a few weeks before class registration to figure things out will help tremendously. Your proactive research will always land you with an MVP.

Now, what’s your first round pick for classes?

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  1. Interesting to learn this from the perspective of a student with experience. Thanks for sharing this insight and tips.

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