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Guest Post: Shynieka Taylor, CEO of MadTalkin Network

Today I bring you the first ever guest post from my friend, Shynieka Taylor, the CEO of MadTalkin Network. We had the pleasure of working together and competing at the Miss Black USA 2016 pageant. Since then, I have seen her level up with her personal acting career and professional endeavor in creating MadTalkin. I’m proud to say that she and her business partners have recently incorporated their company! Read on for her advice and a snippet of her journey as an entrepreneur.

My hustle is an on-air personality and the CEO of Madtalkin Network. The idea came about because ever since I first watched Oprah, I knew I wanted to have my own talk show. There is not enough black positive representation within media and I knew I could fulfill that role. Being a host is a gift I believe God gave me naturally. You have to be energetic, engaging, fearless, charismatic, understanding, and ultimately confident when you control a room or an atmosphere, and nothing gives me more thrill than to connect with others through this avenue.

Madtalkin is a digital network which serves the purposes of giving millennials an authentic experience of news, culture, and politics from an urban perspective. Madtalkin gives the people a voice who normally don’t have a voice. Madtalkin is my way of giving back to society.

I stay organized and motivated with my hustle by keeping my “Oprah” in my mind. I literally have to keep telling myself Oprah wasn’t built in 1 day. In addition, you need to have a tight circle that believes in your vision. My business partner also motivates me. Where I am weak he is strong. It creates a strong balance to accomplish goals. Every decision I make, I weigh all possible outcomes. This helps me not to slack off and stay on my A game. The great thing about media is there is always something to talk about. So if I’m not hustling then I am ineffective. I have sacrificed so much to be in the position I am in now, so why not go even harder to gain so much more. Your mind must arrive at the destination before your life does.


The philosophy I live by in life that helps me grow my brand is, “Where there is no struggle, there is likely to be no progress.” In Shynieka terms, do not be afraid to take on challenges. Character, Skill Set, and Success are made through the struggles. Grit is formed when you have nothing else to rely on other than willpower. If it was easy, everyone would have a business. What they won’t tell you is it is very challenging and draining. But when you have a struggle and you overcome it, the process becomes easier and easier to the point where any challenge you have is crushed because you will become stronger over time.

Shynieka-at-BravoMy advice I would give to aspiring business/brand owners is stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has a different story and will reach their ultimate success differently. Know what you want and enjoy the process because there’s beauty in the struggle. You can’t want to be a butterfly without being a caterpillar first. A lot of people want to shine, but don’t want to put in the work. Fall in love with the process, focus on your own success, and you will see the results of something only you could do.

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