A Lifestyle Brand

I created B Chic in 2015 fresh out of undergrad and ready to share my advice to current college students. My blog’s main topics included organization, campus/study hacks, and money.

Fast forward to today, and you now have a multipurpose platform dedicated to the modern-day woman. My focus is now on financial freedom/management but I still blog/podcast/host events on:

  • Organization
  • Lifehacks
  • Money (obvi!)
  • Side hustles

I also organize and host events. So if you’re looking for an expert to help bring your vision to life, I’m your girl! I’ve worked in so many niches too, so you’d be surprised if your idea happens to be a part of my portfolio.
If you’re interested, just email me.

Lastly, I have a few online courses. If you’re a visual/auditory learner, you may find it helpful to follow my advice and learn my tools online through my courses.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!