ipsy July 2017 products

Ipsy Unveil: A Look Into My July 2017 Glam Bag Products

After being subscribed to Ipsy for almost a year, I gave up. There were too many makeup products to keep up with and the bags were piling up as well. So I unsubscribed. Although those few months were refreshing, I got the itch to sign back up.

I am so excited for my July bag! The versatility of the items are amazing and I plan on sampling them all over this month! It also helps that I’ll get to experiment with trending items I’ve been eyeing…highlighter and cleansing gels.

Ipsy is a subscription service dedicated to the makeup novice up to expert level. Each month the service provides five hand selected products in a chic little makeup bag.  These samples lead makeup enthusiasts to new brands and products that otherwise might not have been sampled. All of this is provided for just $10/month. So enough of that, let’s dig into the items.

Illuminator Brush from Beau Gâchis & Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun from Nomad Cosmetics 

Obviously, I used these items together. Highlight is a newer addition to my makeup routine. Some days I will go with that and leave out the blush. So I was excited to see how this would turn out. The brush paired well with the highlighter, despite them originating from different brands. The bristles fan out nicely, giving a little more coverage than an eyeshadow brush. The highlighter is a little larger than an eyeshadow compact from Nomad as well. The brush allowed for easy application to my cheeks in one simple sweeping motion. I was satisfied with the final look, having the perfect illuminated cheekbones. This highlight is also very pigmented. Not much product was needed to really show off my cheek bones. Nomad is becoming one of my new favorite brands! 

Mineral Hand Cream from AHAVA 

Nothing is spectacular about a hand cream except the fact that it can keep the ashy feeling away! This hand cream surely delivers on the light fresh scent I prefer and simple moisturization. I tried it only once but that’s all it takes! Hours after application, my hands are still sufficiently moisturized. Plus, the hand cream is very lightweight and absorbing.

Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black from Ciaté London 

I haven’t had a gel liner in a while, let alone a pencil too! I only used the liner (not the brush on the opposite end) and it worked very well. The pencil glided under my lids effortlessly and the strong black pigment stayed on my eyes all day. Major plus, no allergic reactions to the brand. #allergyproblems #makeupwins

Rainforest of the Sea™ deep dive cleansing gel from tarte cosmetics

This being the first product I tried, you know that I was very excited for the cleansing gel. Skincare products have been my favorites from Ipsy since the beginning. I only supplement them to my standard Mary Kay Botanicals daily regimen but they truly shine on their own as my travel products. Luckily, every brand’s formula has mixed well so far. For this product, I used it as my night facial cleanser to remove my makeup. I instantly fell in love as it began to foam up and reach every inch of my face. The gel rinsed easily and what else? It did not dry out my face! I am diligent about using toner and moisturizer afterward as well, but a drying cleanser can still have a lasting effect. Not with this little guy! This one will be added to my list as a possible full-size purchase!

Gudetama from Ipsy 

When the monthly bag design was unveiled a little over a week before shipment, I was disappointed. A picture of a characterized egg yolk, sprawled across my bag and it was creepy. I was not a fan. After receiving my bag, I realized that it was funnier than creepy. Although this is still not a fan favorite of mine, the size is finally something realistic. I’ll be able to fit my brushes into this one for travel!

This Ipsy bag was so fun to receive this month. I think I will really enjoy the items all month and I even purchased the full skin care set from tarte. In addition to my monthly bag, I also purchased the special offer for July from Nomad. I fell in love with the bag design, red lipstick, and perfect eye liner. Look out for my post about it too coming soon!