Extra Goodies: Special Offer from Nomad x Florence

Ipsy made a smart move including me on the weekly offer email for the Nomad X Florence Bella Travel Bag Set. Although my July Glam Bag was already en route to my house, I had to get these items. I was instantly intrigued by the simple combination of red lipstick, black eyeliner, and neutral eye shadow compacts to complete a flawless face on-the-go. I was able to snag the bag for $16 from Ipsy.

Captured from: Ipsy Offers

Although the bag is not as elegantly made as the others, the slightly larger size and practicality of the material has landed it into my top 5 rotation of my purse cosmetic bags. It’s simple black shade and red writing hit home for me, with that being my favorite color combination.

Back 2 Back goodies

Of all the items, I am most impressed by the black eyeliner. The product description provided information about the perfect application but I discovered that for myself and was instantly sold. Thank goodness this bag included full-size products. The Nomad “Perfectly Lined” Eyeliner pen will be my absolute go-to for all things winged-eye and cat eye for now on.

Honorable mention goes out to the long lasting red lipstick (a perfect finish in between my matte lippie and glossy one) and the earth tones of the eye shadow “duo”. These will surely be apart of my weekend look. Stay tuned for my adventures at Splash Studio Painting Bar and Bel Aire Cantina, my fave taco joint!