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2020 Is Not Cancelled

Let me tell you something, Big Rona thought we were out for the count, but we are not! The quarantine started out pretty rough, but I think I’ve found my stride. I’m not a fan of the minimal personal interactions and having to wear a mask when I step outside, but it’s a small price to pay. I’ve used this time to be lazy, productive, and reflective. How have you dealt with it?

I’ve learned that these few things were my saving grace if I was going to survive the Ronapocalypse:

  • Binge watching TV shows to get away from reality
  • Finding a few hobbies to indulge in that were a mix of mind stimulating and meditative
  • Finding a healthy balance of spending time with Nick and time alone
  • Investing in at-home, DIY self care, and
  • washing my hands (of course!)

I hope you’re staying safe too! We’ll get to the other side. In the meantime, subscribe to my podcast and send me future topic suggestions!

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