7 Tips on Surviving College

So you want?to go to college, huh? Well, that?s awesome! But I can guarantee you that it will be different from high school, very different. However, I am here to make that transition a lot easier.

Want to know the easiest ways to make it harder for yourself? Not being mentally prepared, and not having your priorities straight. So, let?s talk about the mental prep for college and how to prioritize your life. I promise it?ll become a lot easier than you expect by implementing these small, yet crucial things.

And to make this easier, I?ve given you the tweet edition of each point to make this painless, useful, and fun. Who doesn?t like advice that can squeeze into a tweet?

Priority #1: Finances

[bctt tweet=”Learn the differences between loans, grants, and scholarships. Research on these will give you a leg up in financial apps each year. #winning” username=”bchicmke”]

Priority #2: College Classes

[bctt tweet=”Class registration is like the NFL draft, set your goals, have a game plan and get those classes! #OddsInYourFavor #RealLifeHungerGames” username=”bchicmke”]

Priority #3: Campus Dorms

[bctt tweet=”Dorms are small, you have way too many shoes for them. Pack and plan accordingly. #HumbleLiving” username=”bchicmke”]

Priority #4: Home, Sweet Home

[bctt tweet=”You know you?ll miss your fam. Schedule a time each month (at least) to hit them up. #HomeSick” username=”bchicmke”]

Priority #5: Campus Life

[bctt tweet=”Don?t look like ?fresh meat? during the first week. Take advantage of the first weekend to learn all the key buildings on campus. #winning” username=”bchicmke”]

Priority #6: Extracurricular Activities

[bctt tweet=”People who DO NOT join student clubs are lame. Don?t be a lame…get involved! #ClubsBuildLeaders #ResumeBuilding” username=”bchicmke”]

Priority #7: Personal Wellness

[bctt tweet=”Don?t let your overall health take a back seat to school. Rest, workout, manage your money, and study smart! #BalanceIsKey” username=”bchicmke”]

Want more good advice? I have an e-book and it?s only 42 pages long! Grab it now and get your life together before school starts! Even if it has started, it?ll still get you right!

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