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My name is Brittani Ball. I live in the DFW with my husband, and we enjoy a child-free life with other couple friends far from home. We’re both Midwest-raised, but tackling Southwest lifestyle.

I have a degree in Music Merchandising and a Master’s in Arts Management. My work experience ranges from music retail, to non-profit, back to music publishing, and back to non-profit work as a marketer & event planner. My hobby projects have included weddings, fashion shows, pageants, sewing, and graphic design.

B Chic is my space to connect with other millennials and share my expertise in personal development in the topics listed below.

With the name B Chic University in 2015, I created this blog fresh out of undergrad and ready to share my advice to current college students. As the outgoing Student Government president and chapter president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I felt super qualified to share my successes with current college students. My main topics included organization, campus/study hacks, and money.

Fast forward to today as B Chic, and you now see a multifaceted platform dedicated to the professional millennial via my blog, podcast, email updates, digital resources, and online courses. As I grow, my blog and brand have grown as well! Every now and then, we divulge in:

  • Productivity hacking
  • Career advice
  • Personal finances
  • Side hustles
  • Events

I also organize and host events. So if you’re looking for an expert to help bring your vision to life, I’m your girl! I’ve worked in so many niches too, so you’d be surprised if your idea happens to be a part of my portfolio.
If you’re interested, just email me.

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