An Open Letter From A Black Female Blogger

How I Handled The Blow-Up

It was difficult for me to find the words for this post, but I knew it was needed. As a black, female content creator, I had to address the state of America’s social injustices. With our black community fighting two pandemics, I had to make a choice. I put my fragile health first and did not protest. I did not let it stop my contribution to the fight against discrimination though. 

Initially I had to distance myself. My social timelines were flooded with incident footage, protests, riots, arrests, and tons of opinions. Living far from most of my family and friends, and working from home has taken enough of a toll on me. I didn’t want this to contribute to that. But still, I knew I had to influence change in my own way. It took me a little longer to figure out what I’d do. 

I was helpless and frustrated with everyone. It took so much in me to focus all my attention on God to seek first, his peace and guidance. I was also reminded of how fragile life is, and my resolve to live a saved and sanctified life. We can not control how long we live or die, but we can choose to be as Christlike as possible until our time ends on Earth. I choose that path. 

After taking time out to block out the noise, I did my own research on the facts. I also found ways to fight against discrimination and social justice progress. I was still hesitant to join in the social media posting except a few posts of solidarity on my personal page. I wanted to be more active on my brand social media pages  because I had more time on my hand with being at home all the time. But I didn’t feel comfortable with posting something superficial for B Chic to keep up with social media. That’s how I viewed other brands and ally influencers approaching the situation. I always strive to avoid the “bandwagon”, even in my personal life, so I wouldn’t do it now either. I embody resistance and solidarity as a confident black woman with a brand that represents black people.

My Re-Dedication to Social and Socioeconomic Justice

Once I reemerged, I had a more confident approach in my fight against discrimination. Part of that is continuing to serve the black community with my content. Since I am a black woman, I am always serving my people with personal development content.

I am committed to making social activism an integral part of my life through donations and volunteering. I prioritized organizations focusing on racial inequality in policing, healthcare, and Corporate America. This comes with reading books, articles, and talking with people about the topics.

For anyone wondering. Here is a quick breakdown of my strong stances:

  • Defunding police and redistributing funds to other vital community resources and infrastructure. Training only provides a minimal impact on discrimination in law enforcement in America. We are desperate for de-militarizing local police departments. There are needs to be an overhaul of the racial bias in training and regulation. Lastly, unburdening the police with tasks that do not need law officers. I am reading the End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale to better understand the history of policing in the United States and ending the broken system.
  • Putting pressure on the judicial system to not give law enforcement slack. Eradicate bias in legal education, emotional intelligence training, and implementing impactful legislation.
  • Promoting competent, black leaders to Boards and leadership roles in Nonprofit and Corporate American companies.
  • Putting as much of my discretionary dollars into the black community and black businesses.

I’m still hesitant to consume too much information to guard my peace and mental health. However, I also see my very existence as resistance to the systems that work against me. I will continue to pursue personal success/legacy, and love the black people who surround me. I will pour love and respect on my husband, family, and friends, and my black community.

I also understand the importance of one-on-one interactions. By engaging in conversations and listening for understanding; I know that can make exponential change. Think, changing someone else’s perspective affects those they influence as well. We can make true internal changes through intentional conversations. This will take dedication from us all today though. 

My Urge to Others In the Fight Against Racial Injustice

Finally, I urge you, my reader, to take responsibility and ownership in this time as well. We all have a responsibility to fight for equal human rights in our country if any of us are going to be free. Here’s my charge to everyone:

  • Take the US Census 2020. It affects local services that especially benefit underserved and impoverished black communities.
  • Vote, vote, vote at every level and look into the candidates before blindly voting for particular party leaders.
  • Pursue positions of leadership where you can make an impact in the social space. This isn’t with politics only. It can be on nonprofit boards, educational boards, and city councils.
  • Make an effort to talk with people of varying opinions and listen to understand, not just to respond. Show empathy in these discussions as well.
  • Always prioritize your mental health and step away when you feel overwhelmed. But also find that cause you’re passionate about where your flame will never die.
  • Use your voice, influence, and knowledge to promote other blacks to positions of leadership.
  • Fight daily for equal pay across the board. We are so very far behind compared to other developed countries.
  • Put pressure on Corporate America to elevate competent black and POC leaders. We are not interested in large donations and “commitment” statements. More and more the masses have an influence on corporations and we can take advantage of this.

Lastly, I encourage you to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ if you do not currently have one. I have experienced that he will provide peace and guidance in a time of chaos and helplessness. Jesus will provide hope for a better tomorrow and the afterlife! My spiritual relationship has kept me grounded through this entire pandemic and I know it will continue to. My very last urge to you is to stay safe as we battle two pandemics, health and social in the United State. Guard your peace and love like none other. We will all overcome these trying times one way or another. There’s no other option.

An Open Letter From a Black Female Blogger | B Chic Blog

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