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Black Is Everything

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This episode we’re talking all things blacks because….it’s everything…it’s life! But honestly I’ve been wanting to talk more about the black businesses I’m supporting, my hair journey, and how it’s shaping my experience. We all loved Black Is King I’m sure and here I gave my little “hot take.” But what you’re here for are …

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Staying Consistent With Our Passion Projects

B Chic University Podcast | Hosted by Brittani Ball - Find us on all streaming platforms

I’ve seen a lot in the digital content world that quarantine life is picking up! Lots of us are still working from home but more things are filling up our time. We have fully adjusted to this lifestyle, so old activities are starting back up virtually. With that, it may become more difficult to stick …

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Managing Money Mindset During Lockdown

I’ve seen a huge uptick in my own spending since being at home. I can definitely attribute much of that to filling the void of not being able to go out. But it also shed light on other poor money habits that I managed to mask instead of completely eradicate. This included:  Being swayed by …

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How To Road Trip In Summer 2020

This summer has started off as the perfect time for road trip vacations. With the pandemic still in full swing, extra precautions have to be taken in order to still enjoy summer vacation without spreading the virus or catching the virus. Nick and I dove into our first round trip road trip for the July …

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How To Control Crazy Spending With More Time On Your Hands

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How the Spending Evolved Since the quarantine has started, I’ve found myself online shopping more frequently, building poor spending habits. I know that it’s a byproduct of me not having the luxury to just go out and shop but I think it is also something deeper than that. Not only have I carved out more …

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B Chic Is On YouTube!

So this has come with much contemplation, but not much launching effort. I finally launched the new YouTube channel for my brand! Not only do I want to expand my reach and skillset, but I know it’ll be helpful to share more of me with you all. I went from the blog (written word), the …


An Open Letter From A Black Female Blogger

How I Handled The Blow-Up It was difficult for me to find the words for this post, but I knew it was needed. As a black, female content creator, I had to address the state of America’s social injustices. With our black community fighting two pandemics, I had to make a choice. I put my …


Re-Committing to Healthy Living From Home

The catalyst to my healthy lifestyle change December 2019, I was convinced to sign up for a new gym membership weeks before the Christmas holiday. I figured if I resolved to commit to a healthy lifestyle before the new year it would stick! Kind of silly knowing that all my traveling, parties, and other festivities …

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Season 2 Finale: Finding Our New Normal

Welcome to the Finale Hey friends! Welcome to the season two finale! I can’t believe that it’s been 10 episodes already, but somehow we stuck it out this year. It has been a whirlwind between personal changes and the pandemic that took over 2020 for the time being. I almost didn’t publish anything for this …