Author: Brittani Ball

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Real Life Money Mindset Practice (Financial Literacy Month)

All things must come to an end! This is the final episode of the 2021 Financial Literacy Month podcast series. We’ve talked about money mindset and how to improve yours with practical advice and strategies all month+ long. This last week was a whirlwind for my little family, and we had to put our money …

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Big Money Decisions and Money Management (Financial Literacy Month)

Whether you’ve already received a major windfall or not, this episode gives you advice on how to make healthy decisions with a lot of money while keeping a positive money mindset. Schedule your 1:1 money mindset consultation:

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Money Mindset Over Mismanagement (Financial Literacy Month)

Today we’re diving deep into the actual positive money mindset. What does poor money management look like? How do you overcome that? I’m sure you hate listening to self help podcasts with no practical advice. I do too, so I made sure to pack this one with examples and methods that can be put into …

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Money Mindset Best Practices (Financial Literacy Month)

We’re back with another episode of the financial literacy month series! This episode explores some best practices when it comes to everyday money management and the mindset. Listen in for the golden nuggets. Explore some of my fav money tips and savings plans on Pinterest: Book your 1:1 money mindset consult:

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You Need a Budget (Financial Literacy Month)

Do you REALLY know how to budget? Do you stick to it? Is your poor budget management stopping you from financial success? These are the questions for today. Join me in this episode as we discuss budgeting principles and how your money mindset can potentially sabotage your success. Schedule your money mindset coaching call at …

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Financial Literacy Month 2021

Happy (early) Financial Literacy Month! April is Financial Literacy Month but I am launching this series early to introduce it to you and give you an idea of what to expect. Listen in to learn what I believe is the biggest influence on your personal financial success and what topics we’ll cover in this series! …

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Mindset Shifts for Career Success

Earlier this year I reflected on my annual review and then gave you tips on how to prepare for yours. If you’re like me, you were motivated to continue the good work and told to start applying pressure! This year, we’re coming for the promotion. Listen in to hear about the mindset shifts I made …

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How to Easily Build an Emergency Fund

The huge Texas winter storm last month really shook me into thinking about our savings and whether or not we’re prepared for unexpected expenses. I’ve been using a particular plan for a while now, but I wanted to share how I go about saving for my emergency fund (and it’s not the typical advice, either).