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My New Daily Budgeting Habits Since Moving to Seattle

I’ve talked before about moving to Seattle and how it has wreaked havoc on my budget over the last few months. We have been making some strides in the right direction and getting to a more stable place. And I can attribute much success to this new money daily habit I’ve been doing consistently.

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How to REALLY Plan Your 2023 Goals

I’m so tired of seeing “23 Goals for 2023” lists and you should be too. Create a real plan to make a real impact in your own life with strategic goals that you can potentially reach in 100 days or less of your choosing in the new year. Graduating from SMART goals, we’re talking about …

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Living Future Paycheck to Paycheck

I’ve been coming back to this strategy time after time when I felt like my money was getting tight. Tune in for a step by step walkthrough on how to get out of paycheck to paycheck living without having to change your income amounts. Tell me what you think about this strategy and if it …

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Navigating Lower Income, Recessions, and Downsizing

Staying along the lines of the upcoming launch of B Chic Collective, I thought I’d share one of the lessons from the membership. Perfect for today’s climate, we talk about  tactics that you can use to withstand seasons of lower income, tighter expenses, and peace-threatening life changes. Be sure to sign up for my emails …

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Become Appealing in Job Searches and Learn New Skills

Not to brag, but the two jobs I landed while living in the DFW were both secured within a month of me searching. And I didn’t have to settle or veer from my career path in marketing. I say this to show the power of skill stacking. In a world where anyone can get more …

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How to better manage your money long term

Take your money management to the next level. It’s one thing to have a weekly/monthly budget and a decent savings in place, but how do you handle crises? How do you make a quick decision regarding a major financial decision? A life altering one? That’s what we get into today, forming a solid personal philosophy …

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How To Effectively Work From Home Permanently

I’ve had the benefit of working from home full time since mid-2021 even after a short time in office after remote work at the beginning of the pandemic. Many of you may still be wanting that permanent full time work from home experience. In this new landscape, it’s important to recognize the benefits, challenges, and …

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In This Economy? Saving In A Time Of Extreme Consumerism And Instant Gratification

Have you heard the saying that something can be simple, but not necessarily easy? I know it’s supposed to be clever and motivating, but hearing that is kind of depressing. I don’t want this chat about savings to take that turn at all. How about, “savings can be simple AND easy.” Unfortunately, 21% of Americans …

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Investing in a More Chic Lifestyle

This episode was released on my birthday! So in honor of my personal holiday, I’ve made this somewhat of a reflection of my 2022 so far. Here’s my accomplishments so far: Nick and I adopted a puppy and he is our baby! Completed three major real estate transactions in Q1 Completed a client print layout …


Moving to Seattle Finale! Bonus Episode: How We’re Getting Settled

This is an episode for my listeners who just want to hear how we’re doing! It’s been about two months since we’ve moved and the rollercoaster is still moving us along! I get into a bit more detail in this final episode about what neighborhood we settled on, how our social life is hanging on, …