Author: Brittani Ball

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The Essential Budgeting Step You’re Skipping

Do you feel like your personal money management is missing something? I’ve noticed that not many people actually put this *key* step into action when it comes to their regular budgeting routine. Tune in to find out what this is all about and how to seamlessly get better with your money moving forward. Need help …

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Building A Positive Money Mindset

Most women don’t realize negative and toxic thoughts we have around money that have been taught to us from birth. At all socioeconomic levels, there are reservations we have to overcome. In this episode, I give some advice on how to overcome your own negative thoughts and examples of how I’m working on it myself! …

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Taking Ownership of my Life & Goals

We are having a nice little chit chat in this episode about lessons I’ve been learning in life and from my current reads over the last few weeks. Have you stopped to think about your goal’s motivations and the intention that you have to put behind your tasks daily? It’s easy to forget these things …

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Lessons I Learned from Creating Crappy Content

Over the last 6 months I’ve been inspired by my renewed focus on the podcast, and even more recently, my new marketing focus on TikTok. Whether you have a business or not, I think there’s a word for the people in this one! Get re-inspired to pursue your 2023 goals and commit to passion projects.  …


What’s all the hype about the 12 Week Year?!

I did it! I’ve finished my first book of 2023 thanks to Audible. I’m sure like you, I like to listen to my content over reading it and that has helped me finish this book I’ve had my eyes on for some months now. The 12 Week Year challenges the notion that it takes 12 …


2022 Income Report: October – December

Welcome to my first income report! This is where I discuss the REAL money I generated from my business and what strategies did and didn’t contribute to it. I hope to use this as a form of accountability for sticking to my goals, trying new tactics, and motivating other small online creators to monetize their …

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Don’t Discount Crazy Opportunities

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a game time decision about a HUGE change in your life? I found myself in that position a lot in 2022 and those decisions allowed me to grow in different areas of my life. Here’s some lessons learned and anticipation for the new …


Living In Seattle Update! (Story Time)

A big part of moving cross country is rolling with the punches and adjusting to a completely new life. I’m sure you’re interested in knowing how it’s going since it’s been almost 6 months! Tune in for a bit of story time and some of the reasons why I’m not a big fan of Seattle. …

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How to Start Budgeting in 2023

I talk a lot about supplemental budgeting tactics in this podcast, but here is a workshop style episode on how to actually go through the process on a pay period or monthly basis. While you’re preparing for the new year, get into a strategy that’ll keep you on track with your goals and consistently staying …

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My New Daily Budgeting Habits Since Moving to Seattle

I’ve talked before about moving to Seattle and how it has wreaked havoc on my budget over the last few months. We have been making some strides in the right direction and getting to a more stable place. And I can attribute much success to this new money daily habit I’ve been doing consistently.