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Master Your Money for the Summer

A 2-hour training to gain actionable tools and strategies for managing your money and maintaining financial peace despite a busy schedule and unexpected expenses.


Let’s take control of our finances for summer. Watch my pre-recorded masterclass and discover actionable strategies to create a money mindset and management plan that works with your busy lifestyle (not against it). Perfect for people looking to juggle multiple commitments without compromising their financial goals.


❇️ A Perfect Next Step

If you've recently downloaded my Intentional Money Mindset Bundle, this masterclass is the ideal next step to maximize your financial potential. I'll guide you through hands-on training to effectively use the free resources you received and provide a taste of my coaching style, setting you up for financial success this summer.

What’s Holding You Back?

  • Increased travel and social events leading to unplanned spending?
  • Additional expenses for summer activities and childcare?
  • Temptation to overspend during sales and promotions?
  • Difficulty sticking to a budget with irregular income and expenses?
  • Distractions and busy schedules reducing time for financial planning?
  • Unable to balance spontaneous summer activities with financial commitments?

Let’s Master Our Finances for a Fun-Filled Summer!

Why you should purchase this training:

  • Gain clarity on your financial goals and create a strategy to achieve them
  • Learn to handle unexpected expenses without disrupting your budget
  • Access practical tools to integrate into your daily life for financial success
  • Experience personalized guidance and support through pre-submitted Q&A
  • Receive a comprehensive bundle of resources to transform your money mindset

✨ Brittani Ball

Hi, I'm Brittani, your go-to budgeting BFF for transforming financial chaos into a lifestyle of freedom and abundance. With a decade of personal finance enthusiasm and a professional life coaching certification, I empower passionate millennials to master their money mindset and craft effective budgets. In this masterclass, I'll guide you through practical strategies and tools to help you maintain financial peace and joy this summer.

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Masterclass Recording + Resources


👀 A Peek Into Our Masterclass Agenda

  • Understand your financial goals and create a personalized strategy
  • Learn to use the resources in the Intentional Money Mindset Bundle effectively
  • Overcome unpredictable challenges and maintain financial peace
  • Develop actionable tools to implement in your daily life
  • Gain insights into common financial pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Receive personalized answers to your financial questions

What You'll Get...

Intentional Money Mindset Bundle Resources

Live Masterclass Recording

Pre-submitted Q&A Email Response

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Masterclass Recording + Resources