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B Chic Is On YouTube!

So this has come with much contemplation, but not much launching effort. I finally launched the new YouTube channel for my brand! Not only do I want to expand my reach and skillset, but I know it’ll be helpful to share more of me with you all.

I went from the blog (written word), the podcast (you can hear my voice now), and now YouTube! You can hear my wonderful snark, while seeing me too! To come along with that will be more about me too, and I hope it can help people more by showing that you’re not alone in your struggles and can learn from it.

So, here we are! B Chic is now on YouTube. Subscribe to my channel now!

Money Advice

Now, my journey when it comes to money has been interesting but I love budgeting, money management, and making it interesting and incentivized. So I’ll be doing a few videos on how I overcame and am still overcoming those hard life lessons so you can avoid them too.


I also have an off-and-on interest in pageantry. Off-and-on as it relates to my ability to enter into a new pageant. My last competition was in 2018 but I was literally inches from competing in the Miss Cosmos and Miss International pageant systems in the Mrs. Division in 2019 and 2020! Soooo I stay pretty up-to-date in the industry and have a huge appreciation for how pageantry improves my community participation, attention to my physical fitness & wellness, and having the opportunity to dress up, wear glamorous makeup, and wear an awesome crown.

Get to Know Me Series

Lastly, I’m kicking off the channel with my “Get to Know Me” Series on the channel. Not only will it give you an opportunity to decide whether we’re on the same wavelength or not, but it’ll put into perspective some of the other topics I talk about on the channel. Also, it’s just a great place to start, you know?

Start Here if you’re new to B Chic!

My Weekly Videos + Podcast

So buckle up buttercup because this is gonna be a fun ride! Bear with my video quality and we’ll just grow and glow together in this process! Weekly I’ll post about my various lifestyles topics ranging from life lessons to money advice to career tips and even pageantry! And if you like podcasts, I’ll have these on topics on there too, at the B Chic University podcast!

Subscribe + Join the Tribe

So click below to subscribe to my channel for all the updates and check out my other links to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and my Etsy shop!

See you next time, chicsters! ♥️

B Chic Is Coming to YouTube

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