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Black Girl Joy

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Welcome to Season 3 of the B Chic University Podcast! Oh we’re back and we’re here for alllll of this great content. This episode is a quick update on what I’ve been doing since our break in May and what we can look forward to this season on the pod. Jump in!

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Season Two Hitters

Thank you all for riding with me last season. I was overwhelmed by all the new listeners and the episodes that were streamed. I was very surprised at which episodes were the hits. So which were they? Moving Cross Country and #WFH aka Work From Home. 

So this season will include more episodes similar to those, sharing anecdotes about some of the things I’m living and navigating. I hope to be more focused on my career advice and finances as it relates to the millennial journey.

Break: Why and What I Did

I felt like a break was needed in May because things were getting stale. Life for me working at home became very cyclical and counterproductive. I am very grateful for my job and the ability to work from home, and the gift of God for good health, but I was not in a position to serve you all with little to no content to present.

However, I am now back better than ever! Some highlights:

  • Your girl is still working out! Went from PIIT to Home Strength Training
  • I finally got my locs replaced and they are great
  • I published a new product on Etsy and leveled up my design skills
  • Started in a credit repair program that is doing wonders for me but still in progress
  • Completed 1 more course of my real estate education for Texas
  • Stayed corona free!

Black Girl Rant

I just have to rant real quick about the black girl experience during this current Black Lives Matter 2020 Edition. This is definitely not my only experience but I wanted to share my perspective as a black woman during this in 2020. 

I am overwhelmed. There has been so much messaging that has simply turned into pandering to the black community. We’re asking for some simple things, to be treated as human and respected with our basic human rights. That also includes being judged and accepted based on what makes us us, not the color of our skin. Yet this entire experience has become information overload from companies trying to win back or win over the black community. We just need justice.

Speaking of, we as the black community can not let the influx of distracting messaging stop our fight against systematic oppression and false accolades and recognition to silence us. We must be diligent in our fight for justice and never stop.

I’ll end my rant here but if you want to read more about my beliefs on fighting the injustices and what I think we can all do to make a true impact, read my blog post here.

Black Girl Joy

Of course I can’t let the Black Girl Rant go without acknowledging Black Girl Joy. This is something so vital to the melanated female essence and I’ve been making it a priority to still experience it. Through blogging, yoga/meditation, journaling, home self care, and spending responsibility self distanced time with family and friends.

That’s something I have come to learn and better appreciate from living through this quarantine and Black Lives Matter movement. My peace and inner joy must be guarded at all costs. I will continue to fight for it and embrace it at all costs. No matter what is going on in the world, I will be sure to protect what God has blessed me with.

Black girl joy is not cancelled. Black boy joy is not cancelled. At all costs, we will guard our peace, our joy, and embrace the blessings that God has in store for us.

Brittani, B Chic University Podcast

Why I Started On YouTube

Last thing I want to talk about is the launch of my YouTube channel! My best friend has actually been encouraging me to start it for a while now and I finally worked out the details in my head at how I’ll make it happen.

Essentially, you’ll now be able to find the same type of content that I’ll be presenting on the podcast in video form for those who are more visual learners. Plus, if you’re just trying to put a face to the voice, I’m giving you the chance to meet me!!

So, join me over on YouTube at the B Chic Lifestyle for more chic content. I’m most excited to be going over some side business detailed tutorials, resume building hacks, and money management tricks I’ve learned throughout the years.

Preview to the Season

So before we let this episode go, I have to give you all a sneak peek into this season. One of the things that drew me to the podcast lifestyle was the ability to storytell and open up about my experiences in order to help others avoid my mistakes. I’ve also had some successes too that I want to share because I made some lucky, yet strategic decisions in my career.

However, I never really opened up as I could have from the beginning. So I’m starting something new by giving you all a closer look into how I handled a few situations, why I did it, and what came of it. Hopefully it can prove to be helpful for you in your own journey. 

So, what we can look forward to:

  • My Real Estate Journey, Part 2
  • Natural Weight Loss + Healthy Living Transition
  • Truly Finding Healthy Money Habits
  • Quarantine Lessons: Consistent Work + Goal Progressing
  • Starting An Etsy Shop
  • Side Hustle/Small Biz Platforms
Black Girl Joy | B Chic University Podcast

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