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How to better manage your money long term

Take your money management to the next level. It’s one thing to have a weekly/monthly budget and a decent savings in place, but how do you handle crises? How do you make a quick decision regarding a major financial decision? A life altering one? That’s what we get into today, forming a solid personal philosophy that informs all your no-regrets decisions.

Say a family emergency pops up but you live miles and miles away from family. You have to book a flight home tomorrow, book a sitter, and adjust your work schedule. Would you finances be ready? Do you have a semblance of a plan to get the balling rolling?

Having an emergency fund is important and keeping your spending in check is key, but let’s take your personal finances to the next level with a budgeting philosophy to guide your major life decisions consistently.

Why have a budgeting philosophy?

A budgeting philosophy is your guiding light when trying to determine the best move to make with your money. This foundation keeps you level headed when emotional spending gets involved. Here at the B Chic, we have a very firm foundation in how we view our money, manage it, and make it work for us! You may come to find that you agree with this philosophy and want to subscribe to it for your own life. If so, stick around to the end to find out how you can learn how to implement these principles in your everyday finances as well.

I always start out with these belief statements. These are affirmations of sorts that keep me in a positive money mindset when interacting with my money everyday:

  • A financially free life can be lived at any income level.
  • Intentional spending is the root of successful budgeting.
  • Every woman has a money generating idea inside of her.
  • There is a healthy intersection between money, career, passion, and purpose. (This one may sound familiar from the podcast)

Core principles in my budgeting philosophy

  • Spend within your means and have intention
  • Save what you can, but be consistent. Abundant seasons are meant to provide for lean seasons.
  • Borrow when necessary and don’t live above your means.
  • Invest regularly, even in small amounts. Autopilot is better than nothing.

Putting this into practice

This is just an introduction to the money concepts and ideals that we have at B Chic and teach in the B Chic Collective. Although we are living lives of abundance and femininity, it is done with intention and cleverness for whatever income level we are all in.

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