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Buying A Home During COVID

This Is What I’ve Been Up To

We bought a house! I’d been holding this in for so long because the process started in May 2020 and came to fruition in September 2020. There were a few times I gave up on moving and then got inspired again as things started to fall into place. Nick kept the faith though and we found the perfect home.

In this episode I just preview our process/journey to purchasing our first home here in the DFW!

Stick around for upcoming episodes if you want to learn more about:

  • Budgeting for a new home purchase and long-term planning
  • How to effectively look for your new home
  • Handling repairs/upgrades: purchasing preowned vs. a new build
  • Other considerations and costs they don’t tell you about
  • Building your maintenance network
  • Supporting Black while purchasing your home
  • Leveraging real estate for Black Family wealth

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