New Year’s Resolutions: Career Edition

Setting career goals are all nice and dandy, but once you get the perfect job, the hard work ends. So wrong! You still have to put in the extra effort to build your skills, refine your skills, level up in the company, and develop a long-term plan. Since it?s still January, we have the ?New Years, New You? vibes. Let?s outline some career goals for that raise, promotion, or free training!


Identify your top goals. The first step in the process is actually determining what is important. It?s very easy to get caught up in the ?me too? mentality. I?ve been a victim of it too. You get inspired by someone else, you make it a goal, but it wasn?t a good/genuine idea for you in the first place.

List 3 goals. I know, so hard to do! But narrow down to the top three things you want. Keep it broad if that helps. You want to be able to list related tasks to reach that goal. Here is a sample list:

  • Join a marketing member organization sponsored by my job (June 1st)
  • Earn a raise by my work anniversary (June 31st)
  • Get Google Analytics certified (April 15th)

As you can see, I put due dates in to keep myself accountable. This is also a crucial step because you are more likely to push off things that do not have a clear timeline.

Assign Tasks

The part where people fail with their goals is the failure to plan. They assume that things will fall into place, or in their laps, once it?s declared. A plan is where the success lies. I layout a plan on a weekly basis, and my checklist keeps me on track!

So let?s think about it, what will help you reach the goal? List everything that must happen before you achieve the goal. Now, give those deadlines as well. Set these things into place now, so when it comes time to take the action, you?re not wasting time on planning anymore. You?re doing it!

Here?s an example task timeline for the 3rd goal listed above:

  • Pick a day of the week and time to study the Google Study guide. Due January 31st
  • Complete 2 sections each week. Due March 15th
  • Take a pre-test. Due March 31st
  • Complete review based on test results. Due April 10th
  • Take final exam for Google Analytics certification. Due April 15th

Track Your Progress

Some goals take longer to reach than others. Heck, sometimes the same goal someone else has may take you longer! The key to your success? DO NOT get discouraged! We?re all on our own journey and each step is a learning point for the end goal. One of the most influential ways you can ensure that is by tracking your progress.

Keep in mind, this is not a time to beat yourself up for not reaching a goal. If a task falls behind the deadline, reschedule and meet it! If you have to reschedule more than 2 times, it wasn?t meant for you bruh. So, once you?ve met a task and/or reached the final goal, celebrate that! I log my weekly successes in my Passion Planner. It builds morale and gives me a reminder of all the good things I did at the end of the month.

Here a quick schedule to follow to keep your morale up as well:

  • Keep an Achievement Log/Success Log/Gratitude Log (whatever you want to call it) handy. This can be on your phone, laptop, planner, notebook, etc.
  • Update it weekly or as you reach goals.
  • Check in with the list monthly to review your progress and stay motivated!

Reflect on your tasks and goals at the end of the year

If you follow these simple steps, you?ll be making it far in your career in no time! Make this the year that you make major moves! Think about your personal goals that were set on January 1st. How will your career influence them? How can career success ensure your finances, or health, and happiness? Those things aren?t dependent on that, but your career can help! If you love what you do and get paid for it, you?ll be a little more happy in 2018.

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