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Why I Cut My Locs + Life Lessons

The Reasoning I was fed up. My hair was becoming very expensive to upkeep and it seemed like I was not making progress or maintaining a neat look how I wanted to. So I cut my hair, but obviously this was premeditated to an extent. I had always dreamed about cutting my hair later down …

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Money Journal, January 2020

My Chic Money Journal | B Chic Blog | Millennial Lifestyle Blog |

I did my last money journal in August 2018 and realized that a lot has changed since then. I wanted to complete an updated version and share it with you all. This one does not include a huge wedding to plan for, so I thought it’d be more realistic. Here’s the current state of my …

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Our Favorite Wedding Registry Gifts

Let’s be honest, the wife probably does most of the curating of your wedding registry, but that doesn’t mean the husband won’t enjoy the spoils as well! Coming from college apartments to living with our parents to furnishing a rental home while planning for a wedding, we did not have too many “grown-up” items. We …

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How to Choose Your Next Pageant

We all know the big (pageant) systems like Miss America, Miss Universe, and Miss World, but research will show the overwhelming number of pageants out there. How do you know which system is best for you? There are way too many pageant systems to count and all of them have something different to offer. These …

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Home for the Holidays (2019)

A blurred picture of a Christmas themed table setting and Christmas tree in the background

This Christmas was the first year that Nick and I had to travel many miles via the airways to be with family for the holidays. We quickly discovered that bootstrapping our way to December 25th wasn’t going to work. Lucky for you my friend, here’s my take on how to hack the holidays for traveling …

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It’s Time to #SelfBless (Setting 2020 Goals)

This blog post is an extended version of show notes for my 12/31/19 podcast episode. Tune in or read my blog post below. As we get closer to the last hour of 2019, I started to think more about my goals from January. You may have set your goals for 2020 already, but this inspiration …

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Adjusting to Work After College: How College Ruined My Perception of Expertise

Those of us who went straight through undergraduate studies and graduate studies (God bless you who went beyond) will understand where I’m coming from. It didn’t click with me for about two years that I was still adjusting to work after college. A real-life review after college I had just completed my 90-day review with …

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Money Journal, August 2018

My Chic Money Journal | B Chic Blog | Millennial Lifestyle Blog |

I mentioned before how much I loved the Money Diaries, so I took a stab at it myself! So here’s the background: I live in Milwaukee, WI. If you want to compare my spending to your city, use this cost of living calculator. I am a Marketer at Music Publishing firm I pay for utilities, …

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How to Successfully Have a Lazy/Productive Saturday

Whatever happened to the lazy/productive Saturday? The one that you look back on Sunday evening, and don?t regret how much time you wasted. I find myself often waking up earlier than I want, wasting time on social media or lounging around the house, and then heading out to run errands that seem to consume the …