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Re-Investment Options for Old 401(k) Accounts

Today I’ll be jumping back into a money management topic. Recently I finalized my IRA investment account with my bank and I was so proud for completing this process. First of all, I sent an inquiry about transferring over a 401k last August (I think) and it wasn’t until November that my account was finally …

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Money Making Ideas for 2021

I know money whether it’s earning more, managing it more, or being smarter with it; is key. I also know that millennials like me tend to think about ways of making money outside of their full time jobs a lot. So let’s jump into some examples I’ve tried and found success in. Maybe add these …

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Prepping Finances for 2021

Welp it’s almost 2021 but nothing is going to change unless we work for it. I love taking myself through a full financial audit and setting new goals for the upcoming year around this time. So that’s what I’m doing on this week’s episode, but it’s a walkthrough for you to get an idea of …

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Managing Money Mindset During Lockdown

I’ve seen a huge uptick in my own spending since being at home. I can definitely attribute much of that to filling the void of not being able to go out. But it also shed light on other poor money habits that I managed to mask instead of completely eradicate. This included:  Being swayed by …

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How To Control Crazy Spending With More Time On Your Hands

A photo of an organized desk with text overlay that reads "My Chic Money Journal. July 2020, A B Chic Blog Series"

How the Spending Evolved Since the quarantine has started, I’ve found myself online shopping more frequently, building poor spending habits. I know that it’s a byproduct of me not having the luxury to just go out and shop but I think it is also something deeper than that. Not only have I carved out more …

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Steps to Improve My Finances in 2020

I read this blog post title, steps to improve my finances in 2020, from another post but then realized that I have a decent plan myself. I didn’t read the post before writing mine. I didn’t want to be swayed from what I had already pre-planned. 2020 started out well for me! I accepted a …

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Money Journal: April 3, Lessons Learned While Staying Home

This week was #3 in the stay-at-home order for our county. I worked from home every week and my husband still had to brave the elements to go to work. My finances were very up and down, but I did learn some very clear lessons in spending, saving, and budgeting. Chic Spending Somehow I managed …

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Money Journal, January 2020

My Chic Money Journal | B Chic Blog | Millennial Lifestyle Blog |

I did my last money journal in August 2018 and realized that a lot has changed since then. I wanted to complete an updated version and share it with you all. This one does not include a huge wedding to plan for, so I thought it’d be more realistic. Here’s the current state of my …

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Home for the Holidays

A blurred picture of a Christmas themed table setting and Christmas tree in the background

This Christmas was the first year that Nick and I had to travel many miles via the airways to be with family for the holidays. We quickly discovered that bootstrapping our way to December 25th wasn’t going to work. Lucky for you my friend, here’s my take on how to hack the holidays for traveling …

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Transitioning from College to Adulthood: Finances, Part 2

The college experience is a rollercoaster, but for most, there is an end in sight. What do you do when you graduate? Hopefully, land a full-time job or work full-time for yourself. The first year (or two) is crucial in determining where to from here. Many changes occur as full-on adulthood settles in. The Transitioning …