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Our Favorite Wedding Registry Gifts

Let’s be honest, the wife probably does most of the curating of your wedding registry, but that doesn’t mean the husband won’t enjoy the spoils as well! Coming from college apartments to living with our parents to furnishing a rental home while planning for a wedding, we did not have too many “grown-up” items.

We used Zola to manage our wedding registry and it was such a breeze! Zola does sooooo much!

  • Send emails/texts and imports all your contacts to your invite list
  • Manages your RSVP
  • Hosts your wedding website
  • Manages and ships your wedding gifts
  • Logs all wedding gifts for thank you cards (can send the cards too)
  • Gives you a wedding planning timeline to follow

So we’ve been married now for 8 months (omg it’s almost a year!) and our hindsight is now 20/25! After having everything shipped, tested, put away, and used; we know what has been our favorites so far!

Btw, to all of our family and friends, we truly do love and appreciate all of our gifts. We’ve already used everything at least once and we’re thankful for your contribution to our establishing life together.

Here are our top 10 wedding registry picks:

  1. Nintendo Switch – as millennials, we both can use it and entertain with it
  2. Bar cart – adds to the aesthetic and elevates any room
  3. Meat thermometer – because honestly, we rely on this a lot!
  4. Cast iron skillet – it will grow with us and it’s great for searing
  5. Down cover – it’s our new go-to, even in TX!
  6. Area rug – it completes the family room/living room
  7. Bath towels – you can never have too many
  8. Spice rack – this has saved us so much cooking heartache
  9. Auto sensor hand soap dispenser – you’ll thank me later when you have chicken juice on your hands while cooking
  10. Toilet paper rack – it too saves heartache

Bonus: we loved all the unexpected cash gifts too. They literally were a life-saver and I’ll surely talk about that more in another post. We picked up our newlywed lives and moved cross country one month after our wedding! Filling out our space was so much easier thanks to our wedding registry gifts.

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