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Welcome to Financial Literacy Month: Money Mindset

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We’re switching up things a bit as we look ahead to April which is widely known as Financial Literacy Month. This is something that I’ve been passionate about since my college days. The B Chic blog has personal finances as a core topic, so this has evolved over time for me and still is one of my favorite topics.

This post is an introduction to my financial literacy month series and kind of a way to put into perspective the need for these discussions and what you can expect from it. Now I know I’ve been teasing y’all with different products I have in the works as it relates to the podcast topics but this one has always lingered and weighed heavy on my heart, literally for years, and I’ll go into more detail later. But I am FINALLY unveiling that new program for those who are ready to put work into action and make an impact on their financial lives. I’m telling you, it’s going to be life changing, so stick around.

But firstly, I want to talk about the importance of financial literacy, especially in marginalized communities. We can literally see in low income neighborhoods the disparity in resources and knowledge around smart money management. I see financial literacy month as an opportunity to teach others how to do for themselves, and even better for themselves so they can go and make an impact on others. It’s like the old proverb, give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach him how to fish and he’ll be able to feed himself for life. I want to give others the tools that I’ve researched, learned, implemented, and tweaked. That way, we’re all coming up. And this doesn’t only apply to people who you may visualize as down and out and statistically living under the U.S. poverty level. But it also applies to anyone who may be living paycheck-to-paycheck, or making more money than ever before but don’t know how to manage it, or the one who is doing better than their parents and family and friends financially but now need the playbook on how to make their money work for them.

This series is all about learning how to make your money work for you, rather than you working for your money. Also, building a mindset around money that eliminates any triggers that spiral you into toxic spending, financial depression, and other bad money habits learned from your environment.

I’ve always seen this topic as a ministry of mine because I’ve battled getting to a place of financial stability for such a long time. I love my parents and everything they’ve given me and taught me, but I made some bad decisions with credit card debt that they didn’t steer me from. Nor did I have any financial assets that jumpstarted my journey towards wealth building as some other younger adults. So it was truly building from the ground up for me, and at a certain point, course correcting. 

Since I’ve walked this walk and literally spent years refining my own budgeting system and building smart personal financial management systems, I take it seriously and literally carry the burden to share my knowledge with you all in the B Chic community.

The foundation of financial literacy is understanding a budget. We’ll go into more detail throughout the series, but getting a budget is the first step. And no, paying your bills on time and putting cash towards savings is not having a budget. That’s just scratching the surface. My goal is to help you strategically plan for a financially stable future no matter what level of income you are at. And we’ll look at this from the emotional perspective as well so that we can start to conquer the money mindset.

In this entire series, I’m most excited to talk about this concept of the money mindset because it’s often overlooked. Even I gloss over it whenever I’m giving strategic budgeting advice on this podcast. But I’m also seeing in the money world, more attention is being brought to mindset as it’s an important factor to consider. No technique or strategy will save you from a survival or poverty mindset. That is something you have to work on through journaling, with a coach, or in therapy. And I feel like a broken record at this point, but we’ll touch more on this later too in the series.

So while we’re on this topic of talking about what’s to come, I’ll give you a teaser on what to expect in this series! I will be diving into these areas of our personal finances and hopefully giving you some clarity on your money habits and what to do to transform them into positive mindset driven decisions that lead to financial stability and growth:

  • Budgeting
  • Framing Your Money Mindset
  • Spending, Saving, Borrowing, and Investing Principles
  • Credit Repair
  • Homeownership
  • Taking Money Advice from Others
  • Leveraging Multiple Streams of Income

Now that you have an idea of what this series will discuss, let’s go over how to take these concepts to the next level. I’ve covered a lot of personal finance topics and it’s hard to implement those on your own with limited tools and expertise. The best revelations and habit breakthroughs come through the form of accountability and guidance from a coach. So I’m excited to announce that I am officially opening up my services as a money mindset coach! You can sign up at any time, not just in the month of April.

The goal of this program is to help you unlock your financial potential through true budgeting and methodical money management to reach your goals with the least amount of resistance.

So if that interests you in the slightest, I want you to complete the consultation form. If you have this big goal that seems impossible or you have no clue on where to begin, you need this program. We will schedule an initial 1:1 talk to review your goals and tailor the program to your situation. So be sure to sign up for the consultation if you’re ready to walk in your financial abundance this year.

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