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Getting into Real Estate: My Newbie Experience

Today, everyone seems to need a side hustle to either fulfill a passion or fill the gap with income. I think with the pandemic, it’s become evident that diversifying your income is important. When pay in one area has slipped, other streams of revenue can pick up the slack. One of mine happens to be real estate.

My Real Estate Background

I’m currently studying for my sales agent license for Texas to supplement my full-time income. At one point I was interested in pursuing real estate sales full-time but timing with our move to Texas last year, I had to put that on the back burner. 

I also learned that completing the education, testing for the licenses, and finding a sponsorship broker was just the tip of the iceberg. The real estate industry is cyclical and it can take a while to start earning any money! So, I had to slow my timeline in pursuit of my license to make sure my financials were in tip-top shape. 

My experience in the industry started in 2016. I was fortunate enough to work for the property management company at my apartment complex in grad school. Being a leasing agent increased my interest and that interest stuck for a while.

Advice and Inspiration

So, my advice in this blog and podcast is not official advice. I am not a Realtor, but I do have valuable input as a current student and previous licensed leasing agent in Illinois. My goal is to inform anyone interested in a career in real estate and inspire others to pursue a part-time passion career despite the investment.

Tune into the episode to hear my advice on starting a career in real estate as far as financial commitments, education, and mentorship.

Research Resources

Here are some resources to extend your own research:

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