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How to Budget After College

The college experience is a rollercoaster, but for most, there is an end in sight. What do you do when you graduate?

This podcast season talks about how to do this successfully, starting with budget changes! This first episode in the season tackles this topic is just 20 minutes.

Revisiting the episode? Skip ahead to the key sections listed:

1:23 – The Overview of the budget changes from college to adulthood

2:08 – Changes in transportation needs and expectations

3:12 – Changes with housing options and expenses after college

6:18 – Starting to pay student loans and finding the correct repayment plan for your situation

7:20 – The increased importance of savings and how it can contribute to your future financial success

8:30 – Credit monitoring should be done more after you graduate from college that will ultimately affect big future purchases

10:16 – Overview of all the budget changes when you graduate from college

10:56 – How these areas changed for me after grad school

17:48 – Conclusion

What are your key areas of finances that changed for you after college? Are there any changes that you need to adjust to now? Next episode is about living life with a balanced budget!

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