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Investing in a More Chic Lifestyle

This episode was released on my birthday! So in honor of my personal holiday, I’ve made this somewhat of a reflection of my 2022 so far. Here’s my accomplishments so far:

  • Nick and I adopted a puppy and he is our baby!
  • Completed three major real estate transactions in Q1
  • Completed a client print layout design project
  • Officiated my friends’ wedding in April
  • Started virtual therapy
  • Moved to Seattle for Nick’s job
  • Got back into the podcast
  • Fully committed to my new 2-year old locs

Now that I’ve reached this new year at the end of my 20s, I decided to live a more chic (soft/feminine) life that will help me meet my new goals. It also helped that I stumbled across two awesome YouTube channels from Montelle Bee and The Feminine Universe to figure out how I’ll pursue my goals.

Wanting Something More

Moving to Seattle shed light on some of the desires I hadn’t been able to articulate or even address while focusing on the move and keeping up with my established life in Dallas:

  • The desire to curate a safe and calming home environment for myself and my family no matter how short the time may be here.
  • Wanting to feel confident in my consistency in pursuing my goals physically, mentally, financially, and in business.
  • Wanting the opportunity to curate a life as a whole that serves me and my growth without the pressure to meet other’s expectations.
  • Wanting to find purpose and passion in the work I do everyday.

What Is Enhanced Femininity to Me?

Definitely check out the Feminine Universe channel where I got these ideas to follow for a more chic/enhanced feminine life.

Appearance: Having a non-negotiable skincare and beauty routine and budget including hair care, facials, massages, nail care, waxes, lashes, etc. Putting care and truly learning how to dress for my shape, size and style while defining what is feminine (or chic) to me including my clothes, shoes, accessories, and fragrance.

Nurturing Relationships: Having a deeper connection with my husband and maintaining relationships with those who are important to me (even if miles away) like family and close friends. Developing my character that always promotes peace, is magnetic and charismatic, and exudes feminine energy.

Developing a Hobby: Developing a competent level of knowledge in an area of interest such as the digital marketing industry (what I currently work in). On a lighter note, I also love exploring different personal management systems, tapping into my creative side with my Cricut Maker and iPad, and even revisiting sewing when I have the time.

Mandatory Experiences: Setting goals and organizing plans to ensure that I experience life to the fullest including small and large “mandatory experiences” things from trying new restaurants, and going to the art museum to taking a big vacation or getting a new job or car.

Exercises & Fitness: Showing honor and respect to my body by making healthy choices and staying active. I’m actually already starting with this with the Shetrition Academy program.

Financial Planning: Having a solid foundation in financial management and wealth building strategies like investing and running a business (I want to be great at both).

Plan & Educate: I’m really good at planning things and setting goals but I’m all for educating myself on new topics and continuing to learn.

All of these new lifestyle pillars really encouraged me to feel like I could live a life of intentionality to achieve the goals I set to curate a home and life that I feel confident in and will get me closer to my best self. It also gave me the confidence to pursue these things without it being rooted in materialism and consumerism, but honestly committing to core tasks and beliefs. I’m not reinventing myself, but going on a more intentional journey towards and beyond my 30th birthday.

My Specific Goals

I already talked about the changes that moving to Seattle brought to my life with my finances, social life, and my job. But in terms of my relationship with myself and pursuing my goals—moving has essentially allowed me to start over. With even less pressure to please family and friends, I find it easy to embrace these new principles.

  • Increase spirituality and relentlessly pursing my relationship with God
  • Getting back to the basics with proper nutrition and fitness
  • Holding myself accountable and showing up as future Brittani, the full-time entrepreneur
  • Incorporating all of these new concepts within a B Chic money mindset

What This Means for B Chic

I’m excited to share the launch of B Chic Collective! This online community is for black women who are committed to a soft life or feminine lifestyle without breaking the bank. Stay tuned to learn more about the official launch date, or sign up here to receive all the details in your email.

The podcast will also include more content connected to my journey on a more feminine life and how it relates to the topics we already discuss–money, career, passion, and purpose!

Are you vibing with the golden nuggets ✨ I’m dropping in these episode? Binge the full podcast at, and don’t forget to review it on Apple Podcasts so we can reach more people!

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