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Free Self-Care: Journaling

We’re back from a short, unplanned hiatus! Along with a quick life update, I share some advice on FREE self-care, journaling! The looming deadline for my real estate coursework kept me from the podcast, but I hopped back on the mic for you all!

Here’s a show notes exclusive! I’ve also been putting a lot more efforts into my new Etsy shop, B Chic Prints, where I sell beautifully designed digital planners. Between these two things, I unfortunately was pulled away from the podcast.

However, I have been thinking about you and finally published this episode. I’ve actually been sitting on this outline for a while and am so happy to bring this update to you!

This pandemic has caused me to develop new habits, but one of the positive ones is journaling. It’s helped keep me sane on days I’m working from home alone, process all the negative news, and focus on my goals. This episode dives deep into the benefits of journaling and advice on apps to use.

Not only has journaling been a tool of self-care, but also a means to stay organized. I can better keep my days straight once I look at my daily reflections. Even though working from home makes it harder to decipher Tuesday from Wednesday, there are enough differences once I start to compare my notes.

The Links for Journaling

So what apps make this possible? Here are the ones I discussed on this episode:

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