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Leveraging Every Experience

In 2016, I manifested my success and opportunities over the next four years without knowing it. I built upon the jobs, experiences, knowledge gained, relationships built, and all to level up in my purpose.

I just wanted to share my journey with you all to provide as some encouragement to take advantage and leverage every job, experience, and even let down because you never know how it’ll help you in the future.

This was all brought to my remembrance when I came across a Facebook memory. The post was obviously a reflection about recent moves in my life. I was in my second year of grad school and I had just started a new job at JA Chicago, completed the Miss Black USA competition, and moved to a new apartment at Tailor Lofts.

The pageant was actually an eye opening experience. I didn’t place in the top 16 or higher but I learned so much about Pageantry. It further solidified my desire to get into event production and gave me an outlet to perform on stage again. Not only did I do some event planning/management after that but I also continued competing in pageants and ultimately started my Etsy shop with a pageant planner.

My job at JA was truly a dream come true because it aligned with some of my personal desires to bring financial literacy to students through my marketing and event planning skills. Although I didn’t stay long, I learned a lot about non-profit management/operations which opened the door for my first job in the DFW after abruptly moving here with my husband.

Lastly, my move to Tailor Lofts in Chicago was a great one because it was a better living arrangement and I was with a classmate. They ended up becoming my employer which got me a rent discount and my first real experience with real estate. Working there showed me my love for real estate. I revisited the area in 2018 and began to prepare for classes in Wisconsin. When we decided to move to Texas, I just picked back up and started to prepare to join the industry here. I’m now on my way to taking the licensing exam and I’m so excited for the career potential.

All of these things connected to a new opportunity or skillet I needed in the future. I didn’t even mention the indirect things that these decisions influenced either. I have grown so much in my career and personal projects because I was fearless in pursuit of what I wanted.

If I saw something open up that I knew I could be good at, I did it. I went for it head first and learned as much as I could along the way. And even though I want to be an entrepreneur one day, these experiences working for others and gaining skills across industries will help me in the end.

I know that there is a ton of negativity around the current recession and the pandemic, but there is still hope and still opportunities out there. You may not take the path you want but you will get the one you need. Be fearless in your pursuit and learn from every job along the way.

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