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Check In! Life Back on Track

Today I want to check in with you all to see how you are doing. Are you okay? Are you holding up? For me, I am in week 7 working from home and unfortunately, I’m getting used to it! Being an extrovert, I never thought that I’d be able to work from home and not have human interaction. Somehow we are making it work! A part of me is hoping that we can go back to work because I thrive off of a community type of environment. I need a place where I can collaborate with others. We are still surviving working from home though with an occasional trip to the grocery store.

Safe at Home

I have to say at the end of the day, thank God that we’re still here. We’re still safe and I hope you all are happy and healthy while staying at home as well. It is the last week of April and I cannot believe that this month has flown by like it has! Especially with us being stuck at home, I would think that it would’ve dragged on. Somehow I have lived through 26 days of April all at home! All without social gatherings and I survived. I know you did too, so kudos to us. Pat yourself on the back. We made it to the end of the month!

I also can’t believe that leaders in our country are looking to open up the country already. Although I am eager to get out there, I’m not sure if it’s safe yet. I may wait a week or so to visit those once closed businesses. So, be safe, use your best judgment if you feel like you shouldn’t be out of the house.

Refocusing on Goals

For me, this past week focused on getting back on track with being productive. My daily and weekly routine may be different because I am working from home, but I can still pursue my 2020 goals. I started my real estate courses in January for the state of Texas and they require 180 hours of coursework! Yes, I am clocked for every minute that I’m in the course learning new contact. I made it through about half of that content, but I was moving at such a faster pace before quarantine began. I slowed down a lot. So my new goal has been to get back on track with those courses and complete them by the time this is all over. My focus will move on to something else when outside opens back up.

Are there some things you can refocus and develop a new daily routine around? Things to be productive, and still move toward the goals that you set for 2020? The stay-at-home orders have affected our lives and daily routines. How has your routine changed and how can you start to develop a post COVID-19 routine? That’s something that I’ve been focusing on and it has helped me hone in on what’s important. I’ve had to cut things out to save time, but also some unnecessary things I’ve kept in my routine. I adore Netflix and Hulu streaming platforms but I didn’t watch them a lot before. I do now because I have more downtime at home, but that will change when we’re back on the regular routine. 

Hair Goals Loading…

Another thing that has been front of mind, since the beginning of the year, is getting my locs back! I have enjoyed my short haircuts and how they photograph but learned that locs are my FAVORITE look. I have been holding onto my 126 locs, yes, I know the full count of my locs and I’ve been waiting to get them reinstalled. When our service industry returns to work, I will be making that appointment! I am dying to have that hairstyle back. This fro is growing out and I’m making sure that they have all the hair that they need to grab onto. I’ve had to practice self-discipline and patience for sure during this break. When I have the opportunity to get the locs back though, I will be counting down the days and the hours to get my hair done.

Working Out Again

So another thing that I have been super focused on is working out. At the beginning of the year, I did so well although I fell off for a week around the new year. When I was back into it, I was going to the gym three to four to five times a week. I love my gym so much, Hotworx, it is the place to go if you want to do effective hot yoga. The sauna type room in which you sweat and detox as you work out gets the job done! Since I hadn’t been going to Hotworx to get that hot sauna element I stopped working out. Of course, I felt guilty about it but not guilty enough to get motivated to work out until the last week.

Jumping back into my workouts this last week has helped my energy levels and feeling of heaviness by doing my body some good. Before that, I was still doing a little bit. I walked around the apartment complex, to pick up my mail at our mail center, but that was it. Not enough activity but my brain finally caught up to my body and they’re finally on the same page. I hope that you have been keeping up with your workouts and have been doing better than I have. If you have not, get with the program and join us in the home workouts! Your body will thank you for it and your mind will too. Exercise helps you think clearly and stay energized and productive throughout the day. 

Eating Clean!

To one-up that I also started to clean up my eating. We haven’t been ordering food as much and have been clean eating for about a week. I can say that I have so many veggies and fruits in my fridge that are taking about a third of my fridge. Most of your food should be fresh and most of your fridge should be fresh veggies and fruits. That wasn’t something that was easy for me to do, because I used to think so closed-minded about healthy meals. I would never have the right types of vegetables or enough vegetables in my meals.

It’s becoming a lot easier to eat clean and I know it’s only been a week but I’m taking this motivation and running with it! The controlled environment, staying at home, is also helpful. I can incorporate my new healthy habits into life after the quarantine. I’ll be packing healthy lunches for work that will sustain me throughout the workday.

My New Inspiration

These changes are not out of the blue. I didn’t decide that I wanted to make a change without inspiration. You all will be the first that I will share this with. I have accepted the title of Mrs. DFW Mid-Cities International. Yes, I have finally decided to pursue another pageant! I will be competing for the Mrs. Texas International. I have been following them for about a year now since I moved to this state. So send me all your good vibes as we journey to the pageant in June.

If nothing comes of it I will at least have had the experience and some new healthy habits. I’m hoping that they will stick as well, but I’m very excited to be in the world of pageantry again and in Texas! This is one of the biggest states where pageantry is prevalent. A lot of national and international titleholders come from Texas. It’s cool to be living amongst the legacy. I’m super excited about it. Stay tuned, I will be sharing more to come.

Trello to the Rescue

These things are starting to clutter up my schedule again. Not that I’m looking to be super busy, but there are those goals that I have for the year that I still want to stay on track with. One of the ways that I’m keeping these organized is with the online platform called Trello (Athlassian). It’s a project management board but it is super effective for personal life as well. Trello has been very helpful in keeping me organized with my finances, 2020 goals, checklists, budgeting, pageant planning, clean eating, and all of the things. Trello is the place to go if you want a free platform to stay organized and productive.

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See you next time! ✨

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