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Managing Money Mindset During Lockdown

I’ve seen a huge uptick in my own spending since being at home. I can definitely attribute much of that to filling the void of not being able to go out. But it also shed light on other poor money habits that I managed to mask instead of completely eradicate. This included: 

  • Being swayed by email marketing and sales
  • Purchasing off wishes instead of reality 
  • Taking advantage of increased budget to buy more

Once I saw more stuff piling up and home and having issues with package deliveries, I took a step back. I was buying stuff I didn’t need or didn’t have the opportunity to use because of the new home lifestyle. Also, my bank account was screaming at me for all the unique transactions piling up, not to mention the charges that disappear and reappear and are pending for daaayyyyssss. 

So I took some time to think about what was compelling me to shop, what were similar habits as when I was credit card swiping all the time, and what are some areas I can challenge myself to save more. 

  • Think about long term investments with my funds instead of quick purchases
  • Stay off Amazon. Shop black, small and local
  • Skip the delivery and get some exercise around the kitchen cooking
  • Challenge myself to no-spend days
  • Rest on a wish list before pulling the trigger
  • Buy for the now and not the future
  • Save the extra funds from gas and stuff instead of spending
  • Make it a goal/challenge to have more money leftover each payday than before

These are my new habits. Check them out and try them and let me know if it helps you! 

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