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Getting A Promotion: Mindset Shifts for Career Success

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Earlier this year I reflected on my annual review and then gave you tips on how to prepare for yours. If you’re like me, you were motivated to continue the good work and told to start applying pressure! This year, we’re coming for the promotion. Listen in to hear about the mindset shifts I made to ensure the next review comes with a title change. More on career advice is at my blog – www.bchicu.org!

How to Get a Promotion

You know I love entrepreneurship and I have a few of my own businesses, but I’m also a marketer and really love the company that I work for. I don’t see myself leaving the company any time soon because the team is great, my pay is on par with the industry, and I have amazing health insurance. As of now I’m balancing my full tie gig with my businesses and I’m always striving to excel in ALL of them. So that includes really owning my role with my company and working towards a promotion. Now, I work on a small team, so I had to approach this topic a bit differently. I’m moving more towards earning a promotion to have more autonomy and decision making over my projects, not delegation and oversight of other people. So if you’re in a similar situation, you’ll want to listen in on this episode.

No time to listen? I can give you the cliff notes. These are the guiding mindset principles I have followed and am following to prep myself for a title change and elevation!

  • Always be two steps ahead
  • Be ready to ask for forgiveness rather than permission
  • Put yourself out there, including your ideas
  • Continually learn, scale up your skills, and know your industry
  • Having the willingness to put in extra time to get work done right
  • Being a leader isn’t about being the loudest, it’s about being the most cooperative

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