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Money Journal, August 2018

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I mentioned before how much I loved the Money Diaries, so I took a stab at it myself! So here’s the background:

  • I live in Milwaukee, WI. If you want to compare my spending to your city, use this cost of living calculator.
  • I am a Marketer at Music Publishing firm
  • I pay for utilities, my fiance pays for rent
  • We’re preparing for our early 2019 wedding!

Day 1

7:00 I woke up not feeling the best. This cold is really getting to me. But it’s Friday and my vacation/sick hours are dwindling. So I grabbed my phone and read a great Proverb about seeking knowledge and not being lazy. Happy payday!

8:04 I intentionally left the house without breakfast or lunch, so I speed into McDonald’s for a deluxe breakfast. Hello, weekend! $7.30

10:23 The morning is bleh (again) as I page through emails, distract myself on the phone and then go back to fake working. So I decided to organize my budget and pay a few bills. Feeling a little broke but all my needs are met. $692.14

12:30 After a few texts between the work friends and fiancé, we decide on brunch for lunch at our local fav. My babe is so lucky to have Fridays off. $24.62

2:45 I finish up the work day planning out wedding details and researching bridal outfits and accessories. Fridays are super slow in our office. But we’ve found our DJ and caterer and are ready to make the final decision! I transfer money to my checking. We’ll pay the deposit later this week. My fiancé will pay the catering deposit. He has the big bills.

Daily total: $724.06

Day 2

8:20 Ran out of the house just in time to make it to the mailbox and my meeting. My cold was kicking my ass, so I literally purchased a 3 pack of tissue boxes to use at the meeting. Frugal Brittani used a $1 reward at Walgreens to keep spending low. $2.17

1:30 Slept for like 17 hours and got no productive work done while the babe was out with his friends. So I ate some noodles and slept like 10% of the cold away.

4:35 I wake up and babe isn’t home yet. So I actually wash some dishes and clothes.

6:30 Went back out with the babe got home to get my engagement ring inspected and cleaned. So glad that he purchased the lifetime warranty that covers these things. Apparently I need more done next 6-month visit since my white gold is starting to tarnish. We followed that visit up with a dinner at our favorite deep dish restaurant in the Milwaukee area, Uno’s Pizzeria. $54

Daily total: $56.17

Day 3

7:00 Sunday is always a toss-up at how productive my morning routine can be. For the first time, I got ready before 8:15 so I stopped by Walgreens (again…I’m on a roll) to get some pantyhose and a birthday card. $11.59

8:45 Said panty hose tore within 30 seconds of putting them on and I had to exchange for free. Thank God the women in the store were so nice.

1:38 Ate lunch at church since my aunt paid for some nachos from a fundraiser. Not the healthiest lunch but it was free and delicious. Plus, I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything all day and this was at 1:30. So I couldn’t be choosey.

2:07 20 minutes later and 3 minutes from the house, I realized that I left the birthday card at church and needed it for work on Monday. Ran back and my mom let me into the locked building. Whew, $3.99 + tax saved and another visit to Walgreens averted.

2:48 By this point I’m pooped and ready to nap this cold away some more. I’m supposed to go to a wine tasting with a friend but I just don’t feel like that’ll help my progress. Plus, I have a friendly tennis match on Monday, so I can’t mess my physical health up before that visit.

4:52 I wake up from the nap, watch a bit of tv, update my iPad and MacBook (worse process ever, still not done) and watch the babe complete his NFL draft.

6:30 We go out to Meijer for a desperately needed grocery shop. We pretty much still to the budget outside of some ice cream (of course) and these cute plants I found at the small floral section. I pay for groceries but the babe sends me money for the difference in my budget. $120

8:39 Burgers and fries for a late dinner but we’re feeling good to be using groceries from the previous shop. It’s been discouraging tossing some of our spoiled/neglected food out. So this is a small win enjoyed over glasses of Minutemaid pineapple orange strawberry (I know, we’re basic)

Daily total: $131.59

Day 4

7:00 Feeling very groggy again but it’s Monday and I have to get to work earlier than usual for my weekly meeting. So I get to it and make it out in time to pick up my co-worker as well. Thankfully there was a leftover burger and fries. I grabbed to-go breakfast that we purchased last night to chow down after the meeting.

10:20 Starting to get bored with my morning routine already so I move on to my budget. The babe sent me money for various bills and such so I deposit it via Cash app instantly. Paid bills, checked off the list, feeling productive but a bit less confident in my budget. I hate pending transactions! I guess the millennial in me wants my money happenings to be instantaneous. $310.88 + $75

12:30 I think I got my co-worker friends sick (we probably too much time together). One is out and the other is leaving for home early. So I decide to take my packed lunch home for a quick nap and to start the dishwasher. Forgot to do that last night (whoops).

5:01 I rush back home to get changed for my tennis match. It’s my first game in at least 6 years. I’m very nervous for the turnout.

6:28 I left my water at home and luckily the courts are close. So babe drops it off and watches the end of our match. Thank God because I’m able to limp to his car as I gasp for air and my whole body aches. I’m so out of shape but the beginning of this recreational tennis league season has me excited for getting back into it all.

7:01 Babe starts to make chili as I shower the sweat and tears away. It was a hard match! We enjoy that for dinner and save some money for the rest of the night. Watching 22 Jump Street is our final activity for the night.

Daily total: $385.88

Day 5

6:18 I get a call from the babe about the crazy roads. The rain is coming down so hard that his car hydropaned. That’s so rare, I forgot the term for a second. I lay in bed and talk with him until he gets close to work. Still unable to fall asleep and I check my bank account for new pending transactions. All of them are starting to roll through. I successfully transferred my savings to my new bank account too. Win for the morning.

7:15 I finally crawl out of bed after a terrible night of consistent sleep but it’s still good enough to survive the day I think. I start to feel the body aches set in from the previous night. Only thing giving me motivation is the “extreme casual attire” priviledge at at work this week right before the holiday.

8:01 I wrap up my morning routine and start to gather my things. I decided to start my new intermittent fasting today. So it’s just light snacks until dinner. I’ll also be going to a yoga class tonight, so I grab my gym bag and mat as well.

8:25 I arrive to work in just a knick of time. I make my routine cup of tea and pop a breakfast pancake sausage in the microwave. Our recent grocery shop has me feeling good about saving money and having meals prepared.

10:20 The morning isn’t that exciting at work anymore so I finally go to my bank app to transfer money for our wedding DJ deposit. It’s so good to be able to check off these things. Deposit is paid and I’m feeling good. We follow up on catering and prepare to pay the largest deposit of them all in a few weeks. But until then, happy small win with the DJ. $100

10:36 I make myself another cup of tea to avoid eating my first snack. I feel like once I give in, I’ll be overeating all day.

12:30 It’s finally lunchtime and I run to the local grocery store for some desk snacks and things we missed at the grocery store this weekend. $18.36

7:00 Dinner consists of leftover chili on hot dogs. Dinner at home feels good when you’re saving money.

8:35 Babe is falling asleep already, so I pull out my laptop to work for about another hour and a half or so.

10:30 I survive the night without online shopping!

Daily total: $118.36

Day 6

8:13 I run out the house for work in just enough time. I gotta stop pushing my lick. I woke up with a severely sore back though, courtesy of the  Monday tennis match. Babe suggests that I put some Icy Hot on it and I’m feeling better already. Thank God, again, for casual wear this week. I throw on a Packers jersey (Go Pack!) with leggings.

9:00 My senior co-worker drops a huge project on my desk this morning so I spend a good chunk of time talking with her before I could touch my tea and yogurt. I swear my stomach gargled like 4 times in our conversation. She claimed she didn’t hear it.

10:50 I’m struggling again to reach for a snack or skip it. I cave in and eat a cheese stick. Just a few more hours until more leftover chili! I can do this. Since I’m so bored, I check by budget again. I’m a hyper budgeter. I notice some extra funds for this pay period so I pay extra money to my credit card. $40

12:35 I look up from intense work and realize that my lunch has already started. I offered to take a friend home during lunch who isn’t feeling well. So we head out for her house and I decide to go home for lunch. I put the chili back in the fridge and grab some noodles instead. My mind is still in sick mode, so I’m sticking to some soup based meals.

1:20 We talked about McDonald’s on the way home and now it’s stuck in my mind. So I grab some fries and a caramel sundae on my way back to the office. This should be a cool afternoon pick me up. $3.59

3:02 Some type of unreal sleepiness takes over my body. So I head to the kitchen and make an afternoon cup of coffee.

5:00 Knowing that I’ll be doing extra driving tonight, I finally get gas. I like driving my tank all the way down so I know that I got my money’s worth. Also waiting longer into the pay period frees up more spending money for me later in the week. $22.35

6:30 I don’t want to waste any chili so I pack up a container and decide to share with my parents. The babe and I head to that side of town to visit our respective parents.

8:30 I try my hand at homemade stir fry again. That’s dinner and another successful dinner at home is in the books.

Daily total: $65.91

Day 7 

7:27 My sleep was terrible since the babe didn’t sleep well. So I roll over and hope that time rolls back an hour (or two). It doesn’t, so I get dressed and again just barely make it to work on time.

8:47 I packed a bowl of cereal for breakfast so I’m feeling accomplished about saving money and having food on deck. Another slow morning but I make some progress with upcoming project prep.

11:47 One of my lunch buddies says that she has other plans for today’s lunch so I text my other friend about going out. I know we’re heading out for lunch tomorrow anyway, but I’m feeling fast food. We decide on Qdoba and chat about office politics and career goals. Casual. $11.83

1:45 I spend the rest of the afternoon snacking on tortilla chips, staring at a slow-moving and freezing computer screen, and fighting sleep (you know, because…Qdoba). So, just living the good life.

5:02 Finally get to jet out of the office and head home to some relaxation. I manage to avoid stopping at any stores.

6:00 Dinner ends up being microwaved taquitos as the babe gets sucked in never-ending games on 2k and I am engrossed in my side business. All in all a good night I’d say.

8:58 We finally wind down from our individual activities an decide to watch the last 24 minutes of Ninja Assassin. Apparently, this was a nostalgic pick for the babe and we couldn’t finish the movie earlier this week. Come to realize this was a terrible movie and his younger self probably fell in love with the action scenes.

10:30 Bedtime and we prepare for another Fri-YAY! Glad to be going into a long weekend after this final work day of the week.

Daily total: $11.83

The Breakdown

Food + Drink: $101.34
Entertainment: $0
Home + Health: $215.53
Clothes + Beauty: $11.59
Transport: $22.35
Other: $1,143.02

Grand Total: $1,493.83

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