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Your Most Successful Year: How to Form a Habit

?New year, new you.? I got so many email newsletters this week bashing that phrase and rightfully so. There is some truth and effectiveness that lies behind the statement though. With the transition of a new set of 365 days, there comes a time to pause and reflect on your progress. A few of my favorite replacement phrases were ?New year, new goals? and ?New year, new view?. It?s all about taking a new approach to the same goals. Nothing wrong with that!

But did you know that ?92% of New Year?s resolutions fail? (Trello)? So what will help you avoid that statistic in 2018? The implementation of some healthy habits! People on the internet also shared their views on how to approach their goals for 2018. I figured I?d share a few of them in case you?re still trying to determine how to tackle your 2018 goals.

The Basics

So, I learned from the Something You Should Know podcast, that habits are some of the strongest things our mind creates. In order to be productive daily, we need a variety of habits to take care of simple things like breathing, walking, etc. Taking the time to think of these activities pulls greatly on our energy reserve!

Since habits are so easy to form, they?re also easy to break. With that in mind, we should be trying to change our bad habits to good ones. For example, your 2018 goal is to lose weight, so you may need to work on your poor eating habits to change them to healthy ones! 

How to do that? Well, Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, suggests that each habit has 3 parts. The cue, the routine and the reward. There are subtle triggers/cues that prompt us to act on the habit, and we are inclined to follow the routine each time based on the reward. Let?s say, your afternoon hunger pains prompt you to eat a bag of chips in the afternoon. The reward is hunger satisfaction. A bag of chips is not the best option though. So, you have to identify a new routine that will provide the same reward, ultimately changing your bad habit to a good one!

There?s so much goodness that goes into this concept but I suggest you listen to the podcast for yourself. This will really help you gain better insight into forming good habits and starting the year off right.

  • Say thanks
  • Do you have any regrets from 2017?
  • What are your sleep habits? Has poor sleep been affecting your productivity?
  • Have you taken good self-care in 2017? That includes positive self-thinking!
  • Did you make a difference in 2017?

Tactic #1: Snowball Effect

On that same podcast, I learned about a Snowball Effect of sorts. There are habits called ?Trigger Habits? that ultimately make it easier to implement a new one! For example, if you start to go to the gym more often and effectively instill that habit, you may want to start doing other things of ?healthy-gym-going people?. You will be inclined to build healthy eating habits, going to sleep earlier, etc. Try to find a trigger habit that may catapult your positive habit development.

Tactic #2: 12- 30 Day Challenges

I read an article from Jeremy Banks on Medium of a 12- 30 Day Challenge. You know the 30 day challenges. You follow a gradually increasing program that promises great results in 30 days. That?s either the forming of a new habit or building strength in a muscle group. Regardless, it?s a great short-term method to starting something new.

Jeremy plans to complete a new 30 Day Challenge each month, effectively forming 12 new habits in 2018. This is a great method to consider if you need help breaking goals up. You can easily take a larger goal for the year and break up the tasks into 12- 30 day timelines.

Jeremy started his first 30-Day Challenge with meditation. To up the anti, he has been blogging about his daily experiences, keeping himself accountable with his audience. If he can do it, I know you can as well.

Tactic #3: Deep Meditation

Sometimes it just takes a deep self-reflection to spark the motivation. Resolve has the strongest impact on all the motivation in the world. Once you?ve found your deeply seated ?why?, you will be unstoppable in reaching your new goal.

To reach such a level of deep meditation, you have to get real with yourself. Consider the following questions from the previous year, and see if it has affected your progress with goals. This process was suggested by Mandy Gilbert of Creative Niche.

Tactic #3: Using A Digital Helper

For the tech-savvy, you want it all accessible at your fingertips. Believe me that you can be just as organized and maybe even more creative with your approach. Before falling off your 2018 goals, consider this planning system to keep you on track, entertained, and motivated. Companies like Trello allow you to organize your thoughts and goals in a virtual space.

Before Jumping In

So now that you have all of these ideas, you can jump right in! No, please do not. Because you have to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Just as you had to meditate on your process, you have to evaluate your weaknesses and potential areas for failure. Here are reasons why resolutions fail. Try to avoid them in order to guarantee success this year!

  • Too many goals, far too less time
  • Perfection
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Distractions
  • Lack of patience
  • B Chic bonus: wrapped up in planning and not doing the actual work!

Are you committed to meeting your 2018 goals?! I surely am! We can do it together with one or more of these tactics and recognizing our failure traps to avoid them. Do you have another strategy? Share it with me!

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