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Moving Cross Country

Considering a Big Move?

My husband and I picked up everything and moved a month after our wedding. We took a huge gamble but it wasn’t without planning. Once his interview started two months before the offer was even made, we went into research mode.

We weighed all the pros and cons of him taking this new job and setting up our lives in the DFW metroplex (Dallas-Fort Worth). We learned a few things:

  • The cost of living is higher but not outrageous compared to what we’re used to.
  • The move was doable, especially in a short timeframe since the company covered relocation costs.
  • The job prospects for both of us were very promising.
  • The weather is so much better compared to Midwest winters.
  • Trips back home to visit family are pretty affordable.

Learn more about our findings and the move in this episode of B Chic University Podcast.


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