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Moving to Seattle: Series Introduction

Some major changes have happened over here for the B Chic tribe, and I’m catching you up on it. We’re diving deep into our story of moving to Seattle. Whether you’re looking to move to the Pacific Northwest, or just interested in what goes into moving across state lines–I’m sharing our journey to give you a new perspective. 

I decided to share this series because I know many of my listeners and followers love my content about moving and learning about new areas. This can also help you prepare for moving to a new city, understand the value of exploring other areas, and financially prepare to move.

You might not know that we sold our home in 2021. This allowed us to easily prepare to move if and when Nick got a job somewhere else. Luck would have it that we did get the offer to move! Emotional preparation included:

  • Telling friends in Dallas about the move
  • Spending more quality time with them
  • Researching ways to jumpstart our future social lives
  • Reflecting on lessons learned while we lived in Dallas and opportunities in Seattle

This series will discuss as many of the aspects of our move as possible including how we researched, differences in cost of living, housing options, traffic, weather, social life, and getting settled into our new home!

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