Planning Your Passion: Why You Need a Passion Planner

Have you ever felt your life and all its responsibilities slipping out of your grasp? I know that sounds pretty dramatic but times like that happen! You end up with random scraps of paper and Notes on your phone of things to do but no clear organization. Things started to fall apart for me when I finished graduate school and life no longer fit into neat little semesters and financial aid budgets. I got a full-time job that took up much of my day, and my personal goals faded into the background. With the help of my new Passion Planner, I was able to hone in on my ?purpose? and what to do on a daily basis to reach my goals.

Having struggled with different planning systems, I know a thing or two about what my ideal planning system should be. I?m sure it?s clear now that I?m all about finding the most productive and efficient way to do things. So, naturally, I was drawn to the Passion Planner in 2016 to see if it met my standards. Although I have tried a few methods since my interest in the layout of the Passion Planner has drawn me back to Angelia Trinidad?s design.

What?s a Passion Planner?

The Passion Planner is a growing planner design, birthed from the mind of Angelia Trinidad. After much success with her Kickstarter campaign in 2013, her brand has expanded far beyond the United States.

Each Passion Planner begins with an introduction to the planner, welcome, and ?Passion Roadmap?. The Passion Roadmap leads you through various activities (totaling about 10 minutes) to complete in order to identify your ?Game Changer?. Throughout the planner, you revisit these topics and plan out your journey to success through meaningful steps outlined each week. For example, each monthly spread provides a section for you to map out your Game Changer and how you will move one step closer to the end goal.

Weekly planning spreads additionally offer places to identify your weekly and daily focuses, celebrate good things that happened in the week, list priority tasks for the week, and lastly, a notes section.

How I Organized Before

Before the Passion Planner, I explored many planning systems, including those I made up on my own. The most effective was a simple notebook filled with lists, supplemented by my phone?s calendar. However, I eventually found myself unproductive and redundant.

I also appreciated the Bullet Journal method, offering a bit more structure to my simple notebook idea. Even with that, I did not like the need to create every aspect of my weekly, monthly and other sporadic charts just to jot down a note or two.

Having experienced other planning systems, I returned to the Passion Planner, understanding that the structure provided on the pre-printed pages along with the sturdy binding was what I needed.

Why the Passion Planner?

So what makes this amazing? I am in love with the monthly reflection questions. Of course, the questions are something I could?ve found on Pinterest and I could?ve crafted a routine reflection session, but I didn?t. The planner walks you through the previous month and revisits notes taken throughout the weeks. I truly appreciate the small wins that are celebrated and lessons learned.

Additionally, the layout simply encourages mental organization beyond immediate to-do lists. I am already thinking about major plans to prepare for scheduled for September (and that?s not just because my birthday is in the latter half of the month).

Lastly, the expandable worksheets allow you to customize your planner. If you’re currently focused on building a habit, there’s an insert for that! Other inserts include water intake, money tracking, graph paper, and most recently?the school to-do list.

So what are you waiting for? Get your new Passion Planner today!

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