Money Mindset 1:1 Coaching


This is a 6-week coaching program for the up and coming professional who wants to reshape their money mindset and reach big goals.

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“I’m ‘doing well for myself’ but why am I still struggling to reach my big money goals?”

“I know what I “should” be doing with my money, but I can’t seem to stick to a plan.”

“I have consistent money coming in but why am I still living paycheck-to-paycheck?”

If you’re asking yourself these questions; you need a money mindset coach! My program helps you reshape your money mindset by building a tailor-made budgeting process that pushes you towards reaching your big money goals with the least amount of resistance.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Brittani, your money mindset coach. As a product marketer by trade, I understand the psychology of the buyer and what drives people to spend money. So of course it came naturally to understand the money mindset of the consumer. Having fought through a dark period of toxic money habits, I’ve learned to manage student loans and credit card debt while still attracting more income that I responsibly invest and grow for future wealth.

I have an educational background in Arts Management and project management, affording me the experience of managing 5- to 6- figure budgets. I’m also the creator of B Chic’s Basic Budgeting Strategies Using Google Sheets, the B Chic Budgeting Workbook, and the Chic Money Series.

This 6-week coaching program will guide you through the mindset shifts you need to create an effective budget that you can put on autopilot and focus on reaching your big money goal.

Looking for the blueprint to financial stability AND the jumpstart to wealth building? Start here with Money Mindset Coaching.

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