Your Revenue Streams: Deciding Your Side Hustle

After turning to a ton of blog posts and books about finding the perfect side hustle, I found many options that turned over little profit…online surveys, the vague “consulting” tagline, virtual assisting and crafting. So once I found the perfect fit, I was able to put my skills to use and earn more money on the side. I surveyed the landscape, swore off retail forever and secured myself flexible hours. Keep in mind, this took many weeks of contemplation before I acted. I wanted to make sure that my efforts were not in vain and I would yield great results. And then, I went for it. Almost every other week I was taking on a new venture and it was lots of fun too! Some of them fell into my lap while others I sought out.

Here are all the posts in this blog series:

Published a book

This seems extreme, right? With a bit of organization, you are able to brainstorm, draft, edit, publish and promote your own eBook. Through the wonderful world of Amazon, I learned that I can find my niche in promoting my expertise in college success. So far I’ve sold books with minimal promotion. That’s a nice little stream of income for a product I only have to develop once!

Here are my quick tips on writing your own eBook:

  • Identify a topic you’re passionate about.
  • Write an outline for each chapter you plan to write, like a research paper.
  • Draft the paper, write whatever comes to mind straight through.
  • Proofread like crazy and solicit help from talented friends.
  • Sign up for Amazon’s publishing service and submit your manuscript.
  • Create your cover and publish!
  • Promote the heck out of your book! To your appropriate audience of course…


Poshmark is a great fashion resale app. You are able to purchase items by brand or simply browse another person’s “closet”. The epitome of passive income, I spent a few hours taking nice pictures and creating clever descriptions of a bunch of items. After posting I received hundreds of shares and two purchases in one week. Let the app work it”s magic!

Interested in Poshmark?

  • Take a look at other photos and find the right angle for your items.
  • Post tons of items at once with great descriptions. Include things like smoke-free home, “pet-hair free”.
  • Share your items regularly and adjust prices to see what people will jump for.
  • Ship your items with a thank you note and nice tissue paper for high reviews.


Who would have thought that consulting would work out for me?! I was actually recommended and invited to assist with choreography for an upcoming event. Sometimes it’s good to just keep your network fresh so that you’re top of mind for opportunities like this. Although I am not getting paid for this on a consistent basis, I will receive a one-time payment at the end of the event. Additionally, this may open up opportunities for me in other areas of entertainment (my passion).

Positioning Yourself for Opportunities:

  • Keep in touch with people you’ve worked with in the past.
  • Let people know what you’re working on, they may be able to connect you with others
  • Be willing to shift your schedule to make things work

Your Revenue

Obviously, these are the revenue streams that I’ve found to work for me recently. What you decide to do will be solely based on your expertise, passion, and willingness. Here are a few guiding questions to determining your revenue streams. Research the viability of the idea and what you’ll need to do to get there.

  • What broad areas of interest do you have? Keep it broad. Examples: fashion, music, hair styling, trip planning
  • Which area are you most confident in your basic skills? It’s ok to start of amateur and grow in your work. However, you have to be at a level you believe to be above the average person. Example: I know more than the average American when it comes to traveling to Southeast Asia on a budget.
  • Is there something lacking in that area you can contribute? Is there a problem that everyone faces in this niche (very specific interest group)? Example: it’s hard to plan trips to Southeast Asia without a tour guide or close friend from the area unless you’ve visited before.

The Checklist

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