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Season 2 Finale: Finding Our New Normal

Welcome to the Finale

Hey friends! Welcome to the season two finale! I can’t believe that it’s been 10 episodes already, but somehow we stuck it out this year. It has been a whirlwind between personal changes and the pandemic that took over 2020 for the time being. I almost didn’t publish anything for this episode. I thought I had NOTHING to talk about. But turns out, there was one thing heavy on my heart and I’m sure it’s on yours too.

Our lives have changed so much since the stay-at-home orders have been put into place. I’ve definitely been more clued into my relationships and my health. Before it was all about getting to and from work and barely getting dinner put together. Now that returning to “normal life” is just around the corner, I’ve been mentally adjusting to prepare for the inevitable.

To be honest, I was on a very destructive path using all of my free time on my real estate courses for about a month. Yes, I said destructive because that time neglected so much of my life outside of the basics. I took a step back and learned how to balance my other priorities while still juggling that very important one.

Busy or Productive?

That scenario can be applied to all of our lives in quarantine. We may have noticed before that our lives were so busy unnecessarily. This time has shown us that we may have been living lives that were too busy for the important things. It’s time to become un-busy and more productive and impactful with what matters. Initially the thought of this gave me anxiety until I took time to reflect on what’s important.

One of my 2020 goals has been to create a sound weekly routine. Because of the quarantine life, I’ve been able to rededicate and consistently implement some of those routine aspects. Not only is this good for my goal setting, but I’ve made it a priority to continue this progress even when “normal” life resumes. 

All of the stressing I did over adjusting to normal life again, turned into resilience to see my goals to the end.

Finding Your New Normal

So how can you put your own routine and priorities into perspective for when this quarantine ends? Consider these in your own reflection:

  • What do you value most and is it a priority in your daily schedule?
  • What dominates your time now? Does that align with your goals?
  • Where can you set boundaries to keep your new schedule?
  • Are there unnecessary things taking up your schedule?
  • What’s making you busy but not productive? 

Although I have been worrying about life after “work from home”, I am confident that I can adjust with these principles in mind. If you’re worried too, I think it will do some good to reflect on your priorities and goals for 2020. What are ways you can incorporate quarantine life routine into post-coronapocalypse routine? Most importantly, how can you better manage a life that pursues “outside” goals/success while maintaining a “slower paced” mindset that being at home has afforded?

We’re Back July 6th!

Thanks for riding with me in season 2 of the podcast. I got to a point where I felt kind of stuck content wise, and it’s probably because of the pandemic. So I’m going to take a break and focus on other areas of life. The podcast will be returning July 6th! Be sure to find and like my page on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates leading up to season 3.

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