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It’s Time to #SelfBless (Setting 2020 Goals)

This blog post is an extended version of show notes for my 12/31/19 podcast episode. Tune in or read my blog post below.

As we get closer to the last hour of 2019, I started to think more about my goals from January. You may have set your goals for 2020 already, but this inspiration may help you tweak your goals or improve your motivation to reach your new goals!

Firstly, I have to say thank you! I had over 100 listens this year on the podcast and I had no idea. We will definitely be leveling up in 2020. My last pod/post was in February, so I have to catch you up and then we’ll dive into the topic.

Here’s what you missed?

I got married and you can peep the change in my new podcast intro. We moved to Texas about a month after the wedding due to career opportunities. And finally, once we got settled, I started to rethink B Chic and return to the podcast/blog in August.

So when December hit, I had a lot to reflect on after an eventful year. Here’s how that thought process went…

  • Initially, I didn’t want to set goals for fear of not accomplishing my goals because I hadn’t accomplished 2019 items.
  • I knew that some of my goals would simply repeat that I did not reach in 2019.
  • So I decided to review what I did accomplish in 2019 instead.
  • Although I don’t believe in setting resolutions, I do think that refreshing and setting goals at the beginning of the year is helpful.

The new year is a great time to use as a benchmark to refocus and realign with your goals.

Ultimately, I set my goals by first looking at my accomplishments from the year (totally separate from my goals). In doing this, the process became positive when I noticed my accomplishments align with goals without me knowing. I unofficially followed a journaling process from this book I have. I was encouraged to reflect year-round by outlining my accomplishments throughout the year.

The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women by Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, and Rhonda Joy McLean

*this is an affiliate link

It’s so much easier to take an accomplishment and build off that momentum for the upcoming year! I eventually journaled about each 2019 goal with excitement to meet them, and motivation regardless of not meeting them in 2019. So in a way, I took my fear head-on and spun it positively.

You can’t ask for anything better than to do better than you did before.

Here were a few of my 2019 goals:

  • Get married (accomplished)
  • Travel to Jamaica
  • Take my first cruise to the Bahamas (accomplished)
  • Sew 5 new wardrobe pieces
  • Get a $5,000 or more salary raise (accomplished)
  • Golden birthday trip (accomplished)
  • Refinance my car loan

Here were a few of my 2019 accomplishments that weren’t even on my list!

  • Moved to Texas
  • Successfully saved each paycheck
  • Launched my Etsy shop
  • Got a huge floral arrangement tattoo
  • Stayed debt free after Christmas

When I decided that I wanted to set goals for 2020 without any fear, I knew that I had to set some bold goals for myself.

Nick sent a Facebook post to me that I hardly forget about to this day. It has informed many of my new goals and kept me balanced. Not only do I make it a goal to prioritize my health, financial well-being, and spirituality; but also my hobbies. Consider these ESSENTIAL 3 hobbies when setting your goals:

  • One that will make you money
  • One that will keep you in shape (my new love is HotWorx)
  • One that will keep you creative

One of my new creative hobbies is sewing. I learned from my mom years ago and rediscovered the craft after making a pair of floral pants for a fashion show. I was randomly roped into this, but it sparked a passion for me. I picked the skill back up at the end of 2019, but I made a coat and t-shirt! Here’s the bookbag pattern of the bag I want to sew as my next project!

So once you decide to set your goals, how can you go about it? What’s the actual process? Here’s what I’ve tried in the past and it has been very successful for me!

  • Write out “21 goals by 2021”
  • List “20 goals in 2020”
  • Carryover goals from the previous year
  • Write a letter to self that manifests your goals into reality

It’s time to self bless and manifest those goals into your 2020!

Don’t have shame in your game if you’re still making edits in January…or May! As long as you’re constantly thinking about self-growth, you’re moving in the right direction.

Email me with questions/discussion about this episode at
I plan to be blogging weekly in 2020! And look out for video too in 2020!

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