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Side Hustle Mentality

Welcome Back!

We’re back with the B Chic University Podcast talking about entrepreneurship and the “side hustle mentality”. Did you know that there are a bajillion terms for the “preneur” word? It’s not just an entrepreneur. I did some light research to get a better grip on how you and I fit into these categories. You may not be an entrepreneur at heart, but your work ethic might prove differently. That can mean a lot for leveraging your career!

The Background

So for a while now, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the social media culture around entrepreneurship. Some of those who I follow are riding the “woke” train when it comes to creating intergenerational wealth, investing, and business ownership. You know how this culture can be, “if you’re not with us you’re against us”. At least, that’s how I always took it. So when I reflected on my own view of entrepreneurship, it was not in alignment. I thought, hey, I guess that’s not me anymore.

But then I decided to dig deeper….

Some Definitions

I set out to define what an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and extrapreneur was. How do these affect your perspective of a side hustle mentality?

Entrepreneur: one who starts or assumes control of a business or other independent enterprise, often employing innovation and more than an ordinary degree of risk.


Intrapreneur: someone within an organization who has the entrepreneruship spirit—balance daydreaming and doing


Extrapreneur: operates from a position within an organization and increase foresight and innovation by going outside for experience and insight, from co-creation with individuals, communities or organizations that are passionate about what they do.

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I’m sure that you can find characteristics in all of these within you; even without 6 streams of revenue and 5 businesses. There’s value in defining who you are as a “preneur” in work and in life. Although you don’t need a side hustle to exemplify these, you can embody them in your work. Join me in this episode as I explore these three types of “preneur” in life and in your career.


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