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So, you want to learn more about leveling up your life? Things like your career, money, productivity, etc. My goal is to help every millennial reach their potential at the crucial mid-20s to early 30s stage. That’s why I created B Chic: A Millennial Lifestyle Blog & Podcast!

Brittani Ball, Author | B Chic - A Millennial Lifestyle Blog & Podcast
Brittani, Miss B Chic

My name is Brittani. I currently live in the DFW but I’m from the Midwest. After graduating from college, I was swept into the deep end of adulting. We can struggle together, but I’ll show you how to do it chic-style. B Chic came from my desire to live a classy and professional life, even while learning how to navigate the post-grad life.

So, my site is simple. There’s no fluff, no BS, and I’m not trying to just snatch your money with stupid products. My products are dope but I won’t spam your email either. Here’s how to experience B Chic properly:

1. Check out my blog posts for in-depth reflection, advice, and resources on various topics. New content is added to my site every few weeks on the following topics:

  • Career Advice
  • College Life and Post-Grad Transitioning
  • Money Management
  • Side Hustles
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle (my life!)

2. Then, subscribe to my podcast to laugh, cry, and get inspired by my own life and advice that is not already on my blog. It’s all exclusive content, so you’ll want to subscribe.

3. Lastly, subscribe to my email list for monthly updates, resource offers, and just a fresh take to a little bit of sunshine in your email box. Trust me, you won’t regret this either.

Ultimately, we’re all growing together. Join me on my journey as a Millennial through the lifestyle blog & podcast! Here are the links to other hot picks on my site!

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