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Staying Consistent With Our Passion Projects

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I’ve seen a lot in the digital content world that quarantine life is picking up! Lots of us are still working from home but more things are filling up our time. We have fully adjusted to this lifestyle, so old activities are starting back up virtually.

With that, it may become more difficult to stick to the healthy habits we’ve gained during the beginning of quarantine. They made us feel more refreshed, productive, and sometimes relaxed.

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The lockdown has actually been a blessing in disguise. It’s reminding me of my goals and frankly, my calling to produce content for B Chic. I have become more consistent and creative while keeping up with household duties and my job. So, I am working really hard to build workflows and a pipeline content for success even AFTER the pandemic.

Do you believe the quote about putting in consistent work for 6 months to see results that will put you years ahead?

I’m currently testing it out, I’ll let you know how it goes! But I definitely agree that consistent work always makes a difference. For me, this year’s focus is incorporating YouTube and really scaling my Etsy shop (started late 2019). I need to streamline what I want to do while also focusing on what’s meant for this year’s success.

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So in this attempt, I also looked at ways I could be more productive and consistent with my passion project/side hustle aka B Chic. So I’m sharing these with you. This can apply to anything you’re working on as well, passion or something you’re motivated to do right now.

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