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Navigating Mercury in Retrograde: A Sunday Routine

So Mercury is in retrograde until November?! That’s no fun since every time this happens there tends to be demotivation, lack of focus, emotional turbulence, and overwhelm. To be honest, I’ve felt all of these in the last few weeks. Whether it’s the cosmos to blame or not, I’ve been doing my best to combat these feelings with sticking to my Sunday routine.

Using my Sunday routine to re-center

The word of the day is re-center. All of the activities that I complete in my Sunday routine are actually a part of a “re-alignment process.” It prepares me for a positive work week with a clear mind.

First, church. I wake up each Sunday to a morning service, either in person or online. Spiritually feeding myself allows me to focus on God and replenish my faith and godly strength for the week. Although I easily get distracted through multitasking, I always take some time to either focus on the sermon or have my own devotion afterwards.

I almost immediately follow this up with a workout routine. I must admit that lately I’ve been off that routine, but sticking to it really helps with increased energy for the entire week! I also want to be consistent with weekly workouts, so why not start out here! I usually opt for yoga or a HIIT style cardio routine since it’s short.

Finding time to be creative

The middle of the day is reserved for centering myself with a passion project. I have more focus and mental capacity to explore my creativity on the weekend. So dedicating time on Sunday afternoon really provides a refresh for the mental capacity needed for work.

Some afternoons also include errands and sporadic projects around the house, but I mostly reserve it for creative time. This is when I feel the most free and I want to have something productive yet fun to fill my time.

The wind down

What is probably the most important task is the night time wind down. I normally review my upcoming schedule and task list before going to sleep. This is just enough of a reminder to take the work week head on, but not as overwhelming or distracting as email and social media. Once I indulge in those things, I will easily become unmotivated or scattered brained again. Sticking to the wind down with small reminders helps center my mind on what’s important for tonight AND tomorrow.

And that’s it! Giving myself time to center on what’s important at the end of the weekend helps recharge my battery for the work week. I often feel more energized, prepared, clear minded, and ready to take on the world.

At a time where our environments don’t change much from personal to professional life, it’s easy to fall out of routines. But keep the faith in your personal progress and productivity. Finding a routine at least once a week can make a difference in helping you reset and beat the demotivation or even the change in the cosmos like Mercury being in retrograde.

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