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Getting A Promotion: Mindset Shifts for Career Success

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Earlier this year I reflected on my annual review and then gave you tips on how to prepare for yours. If you’re like me, you were motivated to continue the good work and told to start applying pressure! This year, we’re coming for the promotion. Listen in to hear about the mindset shifts I made …

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New Year Career Negotiation Tips

I recently had my year end review at the new gig, well not so new. I’m officially 9 months in but I still feel like the “new girl”. My review went well though and it was just a testament of how hard I’ve been working and how perfectly aligned for this position I was when …

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Leveraging Every Experience

In 2016, I manifested my success and opportunities over the next four years without knowing it. I built upon the jobs, experiences, knowledge gained, relationships built, and all to level up in my purpose. I just wanted to share my journey with you all to provide as some encouragement to take advantage and leverage every …

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Side Hustle Mentality

Welcome Back! We’re back with the B Chic University Podcast talking about entrepreneurship and the “side hustle mentality”. Did you know that there are a bajillion terms for the “preneur” word? It’s not just an entrepreneur. I did some light research to get a better grip on how you and I fit into these categories. …


Start Here! A Millennial Lifestyle Blog & Podcast

B Chic | A Millennial Lifestyle Blog & Podcast | bchicu.org

So, you want to learn more about leveling up your life? Things like your career, money, productivity, etc. My goal is to help every millennial reach their potential at the crucial mid-20s to early 30s stage. That’s why I created B Chic: A Millennial Lifestyle Blog & Podcast! My name is Brittani. I currently live …