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Your Biggest Obstacle: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Failure

Welcome back to the Entrepreneurship Series on B Chic University. Up until this post, we?ve discussed many useful tools and strategies to get your business off the ground. Now that November is wrapping up, hopefully, you?re ready to launch (at least) an introduction to your brand. This is a lot to work on and I …


Your Pitch: How to Hook Your Audience

We?re in our third post of the Entrepreneurship blogging series and I hope it?s been a productive experience so far! Three weeks ago, I prepped you to get your business started, then we narrowed down what side hustle to pursue, and finally, you?ve started to build a brand with a signature name, logo, phrases, and …


So You Think You Can Side Hustle?

Christmas around the corner, planning a vacation, eyeing new shoes?you could use some extra money. And I sympathize with you, I can benefit from more money too but we have to work for it! November hosts National Entrepreneurship Month and I will prepare you to add the prestigious ?e-word? to your many talents. Today?s post …