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The Essential Budgeting Step You’re Skipping

Do you feel like your personal money management is missing something? I’ve noticed that not many people actually put this *key* step into action when it comes to their regular budgeting routine. Tune in to find out what this is all about and how to seamlessly get better with your money moving forward. Need help …

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My New Daily Budgeting Habits Since Moving to Seattle

I’ve talked before about moving to Seattle and how it has wreaked havoc on my budget over the last few months. We have been making some strides in the right direction and getting to a more stable place. And I can attribute much success to this new money daily habit I’ve been doing consistently.

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Behind the Scenes: What I’ve Been Up To All This Time!

It’s pretty much story time over here on the B Chic Podcast! Whew chile, this past year has been a major setup for what you’re about to experience on the podcast. As you can imagine, soooo much has happened with my living situation, career, money/budgeting, and other things. Tune in for this quick update before …

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Budgeting 101: My Golden Rules

Happy payday (someone’s getting paid today)! Whether you’re paid biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. there is a routine that you should adopt in order to keep your finances organized. Each week of payday, I follow a routine that keeps me up to date with my bills, knowledgeable of all my income, and on track …