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Money Journal, August 2018

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I mentioned before how much I loved the Money Diaries, so I took a stab at it myself! So here’s the background: I live in Milwaukee, WI. If you want to compare my spending to your city, use this cost of living calculator. I am a Marketer at Music Publishing firm I pay for utilities, …


The ‘Zero Dollar Day’ Challenge

Updated January 30, 2020 Recently, I read this article and it got me thinking about my own financial adjustments. I love the simple budgeting strategy that encourages you to spend less than you make. The idea of this strategy is to increasingly save more by spending less each month. Essentially, you stockpile more money from …

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How I Changed My Money Rules: Making a Budget That Works for Me

October 2017, I struggled to stick to my budget and that?s coming from a hyper-budgeter. I kept reviewing and changing my budget based on terrible spending. This was a vicious cycle that I knew I had to break. And after months of tweaking my plan, I had to change my money rules and change my …

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5 Money Habits to Avoid in College

There are so many stories about what people did right and wrong financially in college. This is a crucial time because you have a little more freedom from your parents, more opportunities to spend frivolously and little accountability. People are always telling you WHAT TO DO, and that can get annoying…real fast. So, let?s try …

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6 Ways to Be More Productive in 2018

As you know, I love the ability to organize, categorize and optimize all parts of my life. Throughout 2017, I?ve had the opportunity to sample?different productivity systems in an academic and professional setting. Adjusting to full-time work was truly a challenge but I?m adjusting thanks to new productivity tools. With my latest resources and new …