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Moving to Seattle Part 4: How Different Is the Pacific Northwest?

I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised but I also spent a few years in the Southwest. Based on what we’ve initially experienced since moving to Seattle I talk about some differences I’ve noticed so far that aren’t typically discussed. We’ll go down the rabbit hole of traffic, food culture, environmentalism, pet friendliness, social culture, …


Moving to Seattle Part 3: Cost of Living & Housing

Although we discussed the things I learned about my Seattle research ranging from cost of living to cultural things, this episode is dedicated to things I picked up on from the changes in cost of living to expect and housing differences. Especially with me being a real estate nerd, I definitely analyzed what I learned …

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Moving to Seattle: Series Introduction

Some major changes have happened over here for the B Chic tribe, and I’m catching you up on it. We’re diving deep into our story of moving to Seattle. Whether you’re looking to move to the Pacific Northwest, or just interested in what goes into moving across state lines–I’m sharing our journey to give you …